What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof
Other Special Precautions – Insurance and hail damage waivers – It’s important to note that many home insurance companies offer “hail damage waivers,” which lower premium prices but waives the insurance company from covering a claim for repairs or replacements caused by hail on a metal roof.

Just be aware that these kinds of waivers exist and make sure to do your research or ask the manufacturer before signing. Scratching – As is the case with any metal roof, the potential for scratching both during and after the installation is always a possibility. With standing seam metal roofing, specifically flat panels, it can be easier to see scratches.

Always make sure to go outdoors often to check your roof for any signs of scratching or scuffing so you can take the appropriate measures to repair it (use a paint pen, call a contractor, or even call the manufacturer). What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof Standing seam metal roofing’s variety of options and versatility makes it an excellent choice for virtually any building type, including commercial, residential, architectural, structural, and beyond. To wrap up, what makes standing seam metal roofing different are these four parts:

A concealed fastenerTwo vertical legsA broad, flat area between the vertical legsA seam that stands above the flat of the panel

Sheffield Metals has over 20 years of experience as a manufacturer that focuses on the distribution of metal products for standing seam metal roofing systems. We’ve helped hundreds (if not thousands) of contractors, architects, manufacturers, and property owners with their standing seam metal roofing projects. What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof

What is the difference between a metal roof and a standing seam metal roof?

What Makes Standing Seam Metal Roofing a Truly Superior Choice – What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof There are things to like about both corrugated metal and standing seam metal as roofing options. Which is right for you? That will really depend upon several factors, including your unique situation, your personal preferences, and your available budget for a roof replacement.

If it’s just about finding the cheapest metal roofing option, then corrugated is the most affordable way to go. However, if you want a roof with much greater longevity, much less maintenance, much more reliable performance, and some truly beautiful aesthetics, then you really can’t beat a properly installed standing seam metal roof.

In addition to the benefits listed above, there are other features worth noting where a standing seam metal roof is concerned. Want to add a snow retention system, some solar panels, or other external roof features? With standing seam, these items can be mounted without any need to penetrate the metal or to put any holes in your roof’s surface.

  • And fewer holes mean fewer opportunities for moisture to infiltrate.
  • Standing seam metal roofs are also incredibly wind-resistant, and have been demonstrated to withstand up to Category 4 hurricane-force winds.
  • Another issue to be mindful of with a metal roof is the fact that metal naturally expands and contracts with temperature changes.

With other metal roofing styles that could be a problem, but standing seam roofs are designed to take all those expansions and contractions in stride. The raised metal seams will remain interlocked, while the whole system has the ability to “float” on its clip mounts as the metal expands and contracts.

What is the life expectancy of a standing seam metal roof?

How much does a standing seam metal roof cost? – Now you know how long your new standing seam metal roof will last. Knowing how long your standing seam roof lasts helps you understand how much you’ll get out of your investment. You also learned 3 things that affect that lifespan.

After learning the lifespan of a standing seam metal roof, you’re ready to move on to the biggest concern homeowners have, the cost. Most roofing companies won’t talk about pricing. However, we want you to have all the information you need to make the right decision. That’s why we wrote another article breaking the price of a standing seam metal roof.

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has been installing standing seam metal roofs in Nashville and surrounding areas since 1990. Our strong workmanship ensures you get the most out of your new metal roof. That’s why we’re proud to offer you a lifetime warranty, What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof

Why is a standing seam roof better?

Advantages of Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing – Less expensive – One of the most significant benefits of choosing exposed fastener metal roofing is that it’s less expensive, especially when compared to standing seam systems. There are many reasons for the lower price, including:

Wider panels (up to 36″)

Fewer metal panels need to be purchased. Less labor is needed because the wider panels cover the roof faster.

Thinner gauge panels

Exposed fastener systems generally use 29 to 26-gauge metal, which is thinner and cheaper.

Lower quality paint systems

Polyesters and silicone-modified polyester (SMP) paint systems are popular choices for exposed fastener because they’re less expensive than the polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) paints typically used on standing seam systems.

Less accessories purchase

Exposed fastener systems are directly fastened down to the structure through the metal, so there’s not a necessity to buy any kinds of clips. This can save on costs for the buyer.Exposed fastener systems usually use less accessories and different flashing products, like foam closures, to install the roof system. Again, this cuts down on costs and speeds up the installation.

No Seaming Required – Exposed fastener systems do not require hand or mechanical seaming of the two panels. Most systems use a lap seam where the edges of each panel overlap the one adjacent to it and are then fastened down together at the same time. This is often why exposed fastener metal roofing tends to be considered the less labor-intensive option when compared to standing seam metal roofing.

Performs Relatively Well – Exposed fastener systems do hold up to weather conditions relatively well, especially if it’s been correctly installed for the environment. Plus, there typically aren’t broad, flat areas on most of the panels, which helps reduce the visibility of oil canning if it occurs. Also, since you can screw down the entire width of the panel, you have many attachments points to the deck.

However, most exposed fastener systems are not engineered to stringent industry standards like standing seam metal roofing is, meaning how the roof will perform isn’t verifiable. Panel testing, if any, varies based on the manufacturer and system being offered.

  • It’s important to ensure that the product you are purchasing has the appropriate testing for the building type and location.
  • More Contractors Have Skills & Tools to Install It – Many contractors promote that they know how to install metal, but keep in mind that installing standing seam and installing exposed fastener panels require a much different skill set.
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Since exposed fastener metal roofing is easier to install, most contractors who install roofing have the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools needed to offer exposed fastener systems to their customers. Installing all metal roofing requires skill as far as lining up the panels, correctly spacing the fasteners, and cutting the panels to match the roof’s geometry, it doesn’t require the same level of craftsmanship as a standing seam metal roofing does. Better Suited for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Projects – Since it is easier to install, there’s more of an opportunity for home or building owners to perform the installation themselves as a DIY project. For standing seam metal roofing, we always recommend hiring a knowledgeable, experienced, and trusted installer.

  1. Can Be Purchased at Big Box Stores – Exposed fastener profiles, such as PBR panels, R-panels, or 5V crimp panels, can be purchased from many different places, including directly from the manufacturer, from a regional panel supplier, lumber yards, and even big-box stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  2. This can provide more versatility for pricing, options, colors, sizes, and more.

Provides a Unique Look – Exposed fastener might be considered a more “traditional” look in some geographic areas, specifically rural regions that have a lot of barns, silos, and other agricultural structures.

What are the advantages of standing seam metal roof?

LONGEVITY & LIFECYCLE – Standing seam metal roofing panels last significantly longer and requires less maintenance, especially when compared to other roofing types, such as asphalt shingles or concrete tiles. Since fasteners don’t penetrate the surface of the standing seam panels, regular maintenance to check for withdrawing, loose, or damaged fasteners is even less frequent. What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof

Does a standing seam metal roof need to be vented?

Energy Savings – Proper ventilation is needed to ensure the energy efficiency a metal roof provides. An effectively ventilated metal roof helps to prevent energy waste and excess cooling cost that can occur when attic heat builds up with. Correct ventilation can also prevent heat and moisture damage to your insulation which also affects your energy savings.

Is standing seam roof worth the money?

Membranes – Roofing membranes such as thermoplastic olefin (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) are cost-effective and durable materials. They have a lifespan of over 30-50 years with proper installation and guarantee excellent insulation.

However, these materials are prone to puncture especially during maintenance periods or hailstorms. Even having regular maintenance is a disadvantage in itself. Standing seam metal roofs do not require consistent maintenance. In addition, they have an estimated lifespan of over 50 years and introduce better insulation and watertight sealing compared to roofing membranes.

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Does a standing seam metal roof increase home value?

Metal Roof Resale Value – Everyone has an opinion, but facts drive decisions. I could only find one study online about this subject, but it appeared to be legitimate. A study that was done by Remodeling magazine and published by Angie’s List concluded metal roofs renovated with standing seam metal roofing recoup 85% to 95% of the costs.

Can you walk on a standing seam metal roof?

Best Practices for Walking on a Metal Roof Without Slipping – Never get on your roof by yourself. It is best practice to always have another person close by in case of accidents. Additionally, having an extra person to help balance your ladder or hand you tools can be very helpful.

  • Use fall protection.
  • Any time you plan on getting on top of your roof, always protect yourself with fall equipment.
  • This should include an OSHA-approved safety ladder, harnesses, and other fall protection equipment.
  • To better protect the paint or finish on your metal panels we recommend using padded stabilizers for your ladder.

Walk slowly and avoid stepping on any ribs and laps. On standing seam roofings, it is safe to walk almost anywhere. On metal shingles, you should walk over the upper half to have a better grip. For metal tiles or corrugated panels, it is safe to walk close to the lower part of the tiles or panels.

What is the most energy efficient metal roof?

The most effective energy-saving finish for metal roofing is commonly referred to as cool-metal roofing. This highly reflective coating uses cool pigments in the paint to increase solar reflectance and lower the surface temperature of the roof.

Are standing seam metal roofs loud?

Metal roofs are not noisy. In reality, they can be quieter than your typical asphalt shingles. In addition to serving as a great line of defense against noise pollution, metal roofs are also energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Do metal roofs mess with WIFI?

Wi-Fi Signals and Metal Roofs – There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding metal roofs. One of them is that this type of roof is going to wreak havoc with your home’s wi-fi network. This isn’t the case. In fact, countless homeowners and businesses have installed metal roofs due to their many benefits and have no issues with their internet connections.

Does a metal roof make your house colder in winter?

Why You Want a Metal Roof In the Winter You’ve likely heard that metal roofs are great for keeping your house cool in the summer and cutting back on those extreme summer energy bills. But did you know that metal roofs can also help keep you cozy and warm during the winter months? Did you know that residential homes use more energy every year to heat their homes in winter than to cool them in summer? Our customers are constantly asking us if metal roofs will add to the winter chill – and their heating bills. What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof According to a study completed by the US Department of Energy, the surface of your metal roof will stay within five degrees of the average asphalt shingle roof, even during the coldest weather. Most metal roofs will be a few degrees warmer than their competition during the daytime and a few degrees colder at night.

  1. However, this surface temperature does not negatively affect your home’s internal temperature.
  2. In fact, when the air space below the roof is measured, metal roofs keep the air warmer by an average of fifteen degrees compared to traditional shingle roofs.
  3. Fifteen degrees is a huge difference in temperature and can make an equally huge difference in your energy bills when your heater is not struggling to make up the difference.

But how is this possible?! The long answer is very boring and hard to understand so here’s the short version – remember how we mentioned that metal roofs were on average about five degrees warmer during the day? Because it takes so long for the metal to heat up and cool down, it’s basically storing the heat and then releasing it through the night, effectively insulating and radiating heat all at once.

You can enhance this effect by choosing the right underlayment and insulation, so talk to your roofer about your options and research carefully if your main goal is to preserve energy and, therefore, your pocketbook. So if your main qualm about choosing a metal roof for your home is whether you’ll be comfortable in the cooler months – fear not! Metal roofs are actually the best choice you can make to keep your home insulated and safe through the winter.

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The holiday season is merry, bright, and beautiful – but it also brings with it the dangers of snow, ice, severe winds, and extreme temperature fluctuations. This can lead to hail, falling branches laden with ice, snow dams building up, and sudden expansion or contraction caused by the temperature dropping or rising unexpectedly. What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof Metal does not expand or contract, most styles do not have shingles that can get knocked loose by falling projectiles, and they are basically impact-resistant which saves you beau coups of money in repairs. In Arkansas, the weather varies from year to year, but we usually see at least one snowfall each winter.

Should you have gutters with a metal roof?

Issues With Gutters & Metal Roofing – It’s clear that gutters are a vital component of protecting your home against water damage, so why is it that some metal roof owners decide to not install them? When you see metal roofing systems installed without gutters, there may be a few reasons why.

Problem : Gutters can be difficult to install with a metal roof, so it’s important to make sure you are using an experienced and reputable contractor to install them. Installing gutters onto a metal roofing system is quite different than the process used for traditional asphalt shingles. Improper installation can lead to your gutter system being damaged and even ripped off in bad weather conditions. Solution : Make sure your contractor is experienced with metal roofing systems before hiring! It’s also important to make sure your contractor is installing your gutters at the correct height — they should be mounted as high as possible to stay close to the roof line and with a slope for drainage. You should also be sure to talk to your Bridger Steel Product Specialist before choosing a gutter system to make sure you are following all product guidelines and recommendations that come with your specific roofing system. Problem : Snow and ice can cause damage to a gutter system, especially if your metal roof doesn’t have snow guards to protect it from heavy amounts of snow falling off your roof at one time. This can result in your gutters being ripped off. Solution : Installing snow guards on your metal roof is the simple solution to preventing this issue. Snow guards will allow the snow to slowly melt off your roof, rather than “avalanching” all at once. Problem : Gutter systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are performing their best. A poorly maintained system can lead to clogs and water building up, which can result in the issues that your gutters are meant to prevent. Solution : Each year, or even after heavy storms, check your gutters and remove any debris that can cause clogging. Typically, gutters need to be cleaned once a year to prevent any issues.

Overall, it’s highly recommended that you install a gutter system with any type of roof, including metal roofing. Gutters help to prevent water-related issues and protect your home from those same issues. Make sure to have an experienced professional install your gutters, as well as perform regular maintenance on them so they’re able to perform they way you need them to.

If you have any questions about metal roofing and gutter systems, be sure to get in touch with a Bridger Steel Product Specialist today. Our team of experts can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about your roofing system and gutters. We can also make product recommendations to ensure you’re getting the right roof for your area.

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Is it OK to install a metal roof over shingles?

Can you put metal roofing over two layers of shingles? – You’ll need to check with your local building department to see if you can install metal roofing over two layers of shingles. Many of them will allow one or two layers of shingles, but no more than that. If they allow you, contact your local roofing contractor to see what they can do for you.

Will a standing seam metal roof rust?

What are the problems with metal roofs? – Whether you’re considering standing seam metal roof for a new roof or replacing an existing membrane roof, remember this is an investment in your commercial structure. You want something for the long run that is durable and long lasting.

Corrosion. Galvalume or galvanized standing seam metal roof can corrode and rust if there is any damage to the water-resistant coating or paint during installation or where the metal is cut while being installed. Cut edges should be resealed by the contractor to minimize corrosion and rust from happening. Puncture or Scratches: A standing seam metal roof can be dented, punctured, or scratched by debris and tree limbs. This can chip the protective coating or painting, and as described above, this leaves the metal open for water to start corroding and rusting. Regular inspections of the roof can find these issues and correct them before that corrosion and rust begins. Fading Paint: Daily wear of the sunlight and rain will wear on a standing seam metal roof and the paint will begin to fade. As you get quotes from different roofing contractors ask what type of coating is on the metal, look for one that has a high-quality coating.

What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof

How is standing seam roofing attached?

What Makes Standing Seam Metal Roofing So Unique? As metal roofing goes, standing seam is in a category of its own. But what are the benefits of a standing seam metal roof, and why should you invest more to have one installed on your home or business? Here are our top Five reasons a standing seam metal roof is worth every penny of your investment in your home or business: 1. Standing seam metal roofing doesn’t rely on exposed screws or nails to attached to a home or building but rather uses a clip that fits over the top of the male leg of the standing seam metal. The clip gets screwed down to the roof, holding the metal roofing panel in place.

Then the next standing seam roof panel is placed in order that the female leg sits over top of the male leg and the clip so that the clip is now underneath the metal roofing. No exposed screws or nails is a major reason that standing seam metal roofing last so long and not have the metal roofing directly screwed down to the roof is our second reason that it preforms so well, the metal roofing is allowed to expand and contract.

Did you know that on regular screw down metal it requires approximately 70 screws per Sq. to attach the metal to the structure? On an average 2,000 sq ft home this is more that than 2,300 screws or holes poked in your new metal roof! 2. Standing Seam Applications Designed for Expansion – Contraction Metal roofing Expands and contracts every day with temperature changes and the use of clips when attaching the metal roofing allows for this movement. The clips let the metal move without tearing or buckling against it’s self, screws, or metal trims. Since the movement of the standing seam metal roof is compensated for in it’s design, the seams, transitions, and metal trims don’t break water tight seals and leak.

Standing seam is designed to move all while staying water tight, this is possible because of the interlocking pieces and components of metal roofing which leads us to our third reason standing seam is worth the investment in you home or business. Did You know that steel roofing will expanding – contract approximately 1″ per 100′ pieces of metal each day? 3.

Interlocking Pieces and Parts Probably one of the neatest things about standing seam is how the metal panels and trims are interlocking. This is done via a ” Hem”. A Hem is a fold in the metal that is usually either 1″ or 1 1/2 ” inches long that ” Hooks up” to another piece of the metal roofing system.

In the metal roofing world the design idea of interlocking pieces is called architectural details. Creating and installing a Standing seam metal roof with full architectural details is really where sheet metal craftsmanship is revealed. Interlocking pieces or architectural details allows for thermal moment in the metal roofing without creating leaks.

Did you know it takes a variety of specialized tools to create full architectural detail? A combination of metal brakes, hand brakes, hand rollers, and special sheet metal pliers are used.4. Elevated Ribs Keep Seams Dry What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof Standing seam or standing rib metal gets it’s name from the fact that the seam between the pieces of metal roofing is elevated or raised off the surface. This greatly reduces the chance that water, snow, or ice can enter in the joint between the metal panels.

The seam or rib height will vary depending on the application. For example lower pitched metal roofs can require a taller seam or rib where as a steep metal roof application will preform well with shorter ribs. In addition the height of the standing seam, there are also different types of joints formed between the pieces of metal.

The two standard types are mechanically seamed and snap lock. Mechanically seamed metal panels can be used on any slope but are usually required for low slope metal roofs. Snap lock style seams are faster to installed but can only be used on roof pitches of 3/12 or above. Last but not least is the thickness or gauge of the steel used in standing seam and also the type of paint. Standing seam metal roofing comes in standard 24 gauge thickness as opposed too much thinner 29 gauge screw down metal. The paint used in standing seam is typically Kynar where as the thin gauge screw down metal uses siliconized polyester paint.

The thicker steel used in standing seam ensures a much longer life and the top notch paint means that the roof will look great and resist color fading years down the road. Standing seam metal roofing is an investment in a home or building you will appreciate more and more as time goes by. The longevity and durably of standing seam is unmatched in the roofing industry so if you want to roofing it once, roofing it right with a standing seam metal roof by Exterior Pro Did you know we manufacture our standing seam metal roofing and gutters? We use CNC automated folding tables to fabricate metal roofing and trims for a custom fit on every roof we installed.

: What Makes Standing Seam Metal Roofing So Unique?

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What is the most durable type of metal roof panels?

Copper Roofing – Pros & Cons – Considered to be the grandfather of metal roofing, copper roofs have been used for centuries around the world. Copper is an extremely long-lasting metal that in ideal environments, can last well over 200+ years. Copper roofs are 100% recyclable too, making them wonderful green roof options. What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof Copper is an extremely soft metal, which makes it among the quietest types of metal roofing. However, with modern installation practices, all metal roofing now recommends proper substrates and insulation that minimize noise from rain or hail at the same level.

The softer nature of Copper Roofing also means that in hail prone regions, it may be easily damaged. As a softer metal, hailstones will easily dent the copper. While this lowers the aesthetic value, it also performs better than a harder metal that, with a large enough hailstone, will puncture rather than simply dent the roof.

If metal roofs are the SUVs of roofing, copper roofs are the Range Rovers of their class. This brings up an apparent downside to copper. Like the Range Rover, it is extremely expensive and depending on your needs, may be more than you need to get the job done.

Is standing seam metal roof worth it?

Is standing seam metal roof worth it? – Now that you’re aware of the good and bad that come with installing a standing seam metal roof, it’s time to consider if a standing seam metal roof is right for you. It’s no secret that standing seam metal roofs are quite a bit more expensive than traditional asphalt shingle roofing.

That being said, standing seam metal roofs last 20 to 30 years longer than asphalt shingles. While the initial investment and installation can be expensive, over time the cost will be less than multiple asphalt shingle roofs. If you plan on living in your current home for a long time, or keeping the home in your family, then investing in a standing seam metal roof could be the right option for you.

Thanks to hidden fasteners and durable metal material, standing seam metal roofs are one of the best roofing options when it comes to durability and longevity. Additionally, standing seam metal roofs hold up well against weather, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance roofing option then a standing seam metal roof could be perfect for you.

What is the most cost effective metal roof?

Corrugated Metal Roof Costs – Corrugated metal sheets have a usual shape of repeated wavy pattern or rippled pattern throughout. A plain metal roof is strong and has a great life expectancy but a corrugated metal roof increases the strength-to-weight ratios which withhold perfectly in harsh weather conditions.

  1. Corrugated steel panel roofs are the least expensive type of metal roofing, costing about $3.50 to $6.50 per square foot comparable to the price of asphalt shingle roofing.
  2. Average costs to install a corrugated steel roof would be from $10,500 to $19,500.
  3. You can choose from corrugated aluminum roofs, steel or copper roofs according to your needs.

Corrugated steel roofing panels are thin and lightweight, which means it can be installed over an existing roofing. This cuts down on the costs of removing old roofing. However, the quality tends to match the price, as these metal panels are vulnerable to leaks and rust.

What are the two types of metal roofs?

How much do the two types of metal roofs cost? – Even though a standing seam metal roof system is recommended for residential purposes, you can still get a screw down metal roof system. Just keep in mind all things we discussed in this article when making your decision.

But before making that decision, there’s still one more thing you need to know. How much the two types of metal roof systems cost. The cost of any roof type is always a huge factor in a homeowner’s decision-making process. That’s why we want to help you even more by breaking down the cost of a standing seam metal roof vs.

a screw down panel metal roof. Here at Bill Ragan Roofing, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you and other homeowners in Nashville and surrounding areas with high-quality roofing services. Whether it’s for roof repairs or a full roof replacement, you can count on us and our lifetime warranty to always be there for you and your roof. What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof