What Is Pre-Tender Planning In Construction?

What Is Pre-Tender Planning In Construction
PRE-TENDER PLANNING AND PROCEDURES – The pre-tender planning phase entails the identification of current position and needs, the resources and time planning and budgeting, the project preparation including the definition of the requirements and the choice of methods.

  • Therefore, the pre-tender planning phase is considered to be crucial as the right planning minimises the necessity of contract modifications.
  • Pre-tender planning comprises of the following steps:  The decision to tender.
  •  Examination of the drawings and specifications to identify the various items of work.

 Conducting a site investigation and market survey to assess the availability and rates of materials, labour, plant, and other available services.  Identification of methods of executing the work – consideration of alternate, newer, more efficient, and more economical methods.

What is pre tendering planning?

It is the assesment and analysing of the tender documents, so that the tenderer can fully understand the scope of works. The tendering team will identify the supporting documents needed to submitt a competative bid. Also at this stage the tendering team identify all aspects of the tender including all contractual requirements and a propopsal for the implementation plan in the event the team wins the tender. by mouzoun samir, Technical Manager – Casablanca Cable Stayed Bridge Project, SEPROB 6 years ago i think it is the planning of the whole phases of the project from reception of tender files till submission. by Alex Yassein, Construction Manager, ANROW Construction Co 6 years ago as long has a balanced bid.

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What is tender management?

i think it is the planning of the whole phases of the project from reception of tender files till submission. as long has a balanced bid. Tender management is an important factor in contracts negotiations. Companies have to conduct vendor sele

How much preparation is required for a tender?

Undertake appropriate planning process – There is no one-size-fits-all approach to tender preparation and planning. The amount of preparation required for individual projects will differ according to factors such as the scale and complexity of the project. The focus of tender planning is to ensure that the following elements are considered at the appropriate time:

identifying clear procurement objectives appropriate market sounding and engagement strategy tender strategy key dates and time periods during the tender process tender evaluation and evaluation process management of probity contract management governance and resourcing

Tender preparation and planning should build on the:

project plan or asset management strategy developed under the Asset Management and Accountability Framework External Link procurement strategy and business case, where a project is subject to the Investment Lifecycle Guidelines External Link,

This Guidance identifies a range of preparation and planning considerations and documents that may be developed. The nature and complexity of a procurement will indicate whether the response may be:

a few lines in a project plan topic specific documents such as a procurement plan or contract management plan

Appropriate records (see Auditable, transparent and accountable tender and contract management processes (Construction Instruction 4.1.4) should be maintained to document the outcome of the tender preparation and planning process.

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What is the purpose of the pre-construction phase?

What Is Pre-Construction? – Pre-construction is the all-encompassing planning stage of a construction project. The design team, general contractor, and client all work together to develop designs, schedules, budgets, and more. The process is highly collaborative and communicative.

  • The purpose of the pre-construction phase is to determine the best use of money and resources.
  • It is always best to solve potential issues before construction begins, and adequate planning helps ensure a smooth process down the road.
  • Pre-construction is important because it helps prevent miscommunication, delays, and unexpected issues on the construction site.

With thorough pre-construction planning, clients can experience benefits like:

Unlikely to go over budgetIncreased efficiencyPrevention of possible issuesEarly assessment of feasibilityA clear, shared visionImproved client satisfaction

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