What Is The Milestone Of Construction Phase?

What Is The Milestone Of Construction Phase
The 10 Milestones for New Home Construction

  • 1. Preparing the Construction Site and Pouring the Foundation
  • 2. Complete Rough Framing
  • 3. Complete Siding and Roofing, Rough Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC
  • 4. Install Insulation
  • 5. Complete Drywall and Interior Fixtures, Start Exterior Finishes
  • 6. Finish Interior Trim, Install Exterior Walkways, Patio and Driveway
  • 7. Install Hard Surface Flooring, Countertops; Complete Exterior Grading

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What are the common milestones of a construction project?

Manager – Project Management Office (PMO) at RKH Qitarat, JV- RATP Dev, Keolis (SNCF Group) and Hamad Group – Published Apr 4, 2020 A construction project, whether a personal renovation or commercial infrastructure, goes through the same phases. The common milestones of a project in construction include:

Project Approval. This milestone is reached once the size, function, goals, and quality of a construction project is determined alongside the cost estimation and expected financial benefits. The milestone is usually indicated by the completion of or a sales contract. This is the first milestone that allows the construction project to move forward. Requirements Review. Once all the project requirements are defined and reviewed through a series of meetings and document review sessions, and the client agrees with what the project team has presented, another project milestone is celebrated. Design Approval. The design approval is another crucial milestone when the project team passes the customer’s needs with their proposed construction solution and design to satisfy the construction design objectives. Project Execution. This is the start of the actual physical construction. Project Phase Milestones. These are specific implemented solutions to indicate the marked milestones and may include the completion of phases like concrete pouring, plumbing installation, window installations, roofing, etc. Project Handover. This milestone marks the overall completion of a project and comes at the end of extensive inspection and testing and a final handover session wherein all stakeholders concur that all work has been completed and has met all the project requirements.

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What is the construction phase?

What is the construction phase? – The construction phase is the physical process of building and all other associated activities such as landscaping, refurbishing, site clearance, and demolition. The contractor typically performs the construction work.

However, it is not uncommon for a contractor to split the project into smaller phases to achieve the milestones. In this case, the contractor tenders the individual stages to subcontractors and suppliers. The construction phase is the industry’s backbone, but contracts have to be awarded through a competitive bidding process before construction.

Due to the bidding process’s competitive nature, mastering these bids is crucial for bringing business to your company. The necessary bidding procedure consists of four steps, namely:

  • Bid solicitation
  • Bid submission
  • Bid selection
  • Contract Formation

All these steps take place before the construction phase, and we will expand on these points below. What Is The Milestone Of Construction Phase

What is the planning phase of a project?

Planning phase – The planning phase is the first stage of any significant project. It is where the owner, architect, and construction manager discuss the project. They evaluate the feasibility of the project, as each project has its own unique set of variables.

What is the initial operational capability milestone in project management?

What is the milestone of construction phase? – When the architecture has been validated, the achievement of the milestone is complete. The Initial Operational Capability Milestone, which occurs at the conclusion of the Construction Phase, is the third and most significant project milestone. As at this stage, the product is complete and ready for distribution to the transition team.