Which Is An Advantage Of Cement Concrete Pavement?

Which Is An Advantage Of Cement Concrete Pavement
Advantages Of Cement Concrete Roads: – 1. Concrete roads have long life than any other roads.2. These roads are durable and are practically unaffected by weathering agencies.3. They provide an excellent riding surface under all weather conditions.4. They provide an impervious, dustless and sanitary surface.5.

They do not develop corrugations.6 Can be laid on any subgrade.7. Can be easily reinforced when they are to resist high stresses due to heavy wheel loads of the traffic.8. Concrete roads are non slipery and offer less tractive resistance.9. They provide good visibility for traffic during night hours.10.

Maintenance cost is low.

Which is an advantage of cement concrete?

Advantages of Concrete –

Ingredients of concrete are readily available in most places. Unlike natural stones, concrete is free from defects and flaws. Concrete can be manufactured to the desired strength with an economy. The is very high. It can be cast to any desired shape. The casting of concrete can be done on the working site which makes it economical. The maintenance cost of concrete is almost negligible. The deterioration of concrete is not appreciable with age. Concrete makes a building fire-safe due to its non-combustible nature. Concrete can withstand high temperatures. Concrete is resistant to wind and water. Therefore, it is very useful in storm shelters. As a soundproofing material concrete could be used.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of cement concrete pavement?

The cement concrete roads are not preferred due to Option 2 : High intial cost Free 20 Questions 20 Marks 24 Mins Explanation: The advantages and disadvantages of cement concrete roads are:

Advantages Disadvantages
The concrete road has good longevity and no maintenance cost is required. The preliminary cost is very high for construction.
Concrete produces hard pavement and it has good sustainability against truck loading. The paving cost is also very high for concrete roads as compared to asphalt roads.
Concrete road lasts for a prolonged period. The concrete roads face greater maintenance issues as when the concrete roads rupture, the entire concrete slab has to be substituted.
Concrete has good resistance capacity against wind and water. In concrete roads, mud pumping issues frequently occur.
The concrete road is not damaged due to harsh weather conditions as compared to asphalt roads. In concrete roads, joints should be filled at regular intermissions.
Concrete road facilitates less fuel consumption. Safety is a great concern in concrete roads as the vehicles are likely to slip or slide owning to rain and snow.

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What are the advantages of concrete pavements when compared to flexible pavements?

Rigid Pavement – Rigid pavements are generally more expensive and difficult to install and maintain. They’re made out of a cement concrete with a base and sub base. Unlike flexible pavement, rigid pavements have a high flexural strength, making every layer virtually immune to bending under pressure.

There’s no grain to grain load transferring, which essentially means that the top layer of concrete absorbs most of the pressure and weight from traffic or any other external factors. Rigid pavements are also less susceptible to permanent or semi-permanent oil and grease stains. One of the downfalls of installing a rigid pavement is that the installation is very costly, but the cost of maintenance is reasonable.

Considering you’re getting a durable product that’s sure to last a long time, this is certainly a worthwhile investment.

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What is cement concrete pavement?

METHODS OF CONSTRUCTION OF CONCRETE ROADS – The cement concrete roads can either be constructed in a single course or two courses. In single course pavement, or two courses. In single-course pavement, the entire depth of concrete is composed of homogeneous material.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a concrete slab?

Key Takeaways –

Concrete slab foundations are more common in states with warm climates where the ground is less likely to freeze and cause the foundation to crack.There are good reasons for building or buying a house on a slab, such as cost savings and less risk of damage in certain instances.The disadvantages include that heating and cooling units may have to be installed on the ground floor, which takes up living space. There is also a potential for cracks.

Which is better cement concrete or asphalt concrete pavement?

What We Know – Concrete roads are highly durable and more environmentally friendly as compared to asphalt roads. However, asphalt paving costs far less than concrete paving. Also, asphalt road provides a little better safety of the vehicle against snow and skidding.