Which Is The Best Cement In The World?

Which Is The Best Cement In The World
A list of the world’s largest cement companies ranked by cement production in million tonnes –

Rank Company Annual Cement Production (Mt/yr) Cement Production Capacity (Mt/yr) Country
1 LafargeHolcim 286.6 386.5 Switzerland
2 Anhui Conch Cement 217.2 288.0 China
3 CNBM 176.22 406.0 China
4 Heidelberg Cement 121.11 129.0 Germany
5 Cemex 87.09 93 Mexico
6 Italcementi 76.62 77.0 Italy
7 China Resources Cement 71.02 78.3 China
8 Taiwan Cement 63.72 69.0 Taiwan
9 Eurocement 45.18 50 Russia
10 Votorantim Group 45.02 54.4 Brazil

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Which is the no1 cement in India?

Ambuja Cement – Need other cement brands in India? Go to the best one: Ambuja Cement! With the membership of Holcim, Ambuja has become the leading cement company in India. Since its establishment in 1983, they have provided hassle-free and easy-efficient building solutions.

Which country has best cement?

China produces the most cement globally by a large margin, at an estimated 2.5 billion metric tons in 2021. China’s cement production share equates to over half of the world’s cement. India was the world’s second-largest cement producer, with production amounting to a distant 330 million metric tons in 2021.

Which country invented cement?

The History of Portland Cement – Cement as we know it was first developed by Joseph Aspdin, an enterprising 19th-century British stonemason, who heated a mix of ground limestone and clay in his kitchen stove, then pulverized the concoction into a fine powder.

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Which company cement is best for construction?

The best cement for roof construction in Bihar – in Bihar Lafarge cement OPC 53 grade is doing good, Ambuja cement is along a good cement but if you are going for a mass volume our recommendation is ACC F2R is the best cement for rcc roof slab construction and all type of RCC structure like footing, beam,column and slab in bihar.