Who Is The Biggest Construction Company In Uk?

Who Is The Biggest Construction Company In Uk
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The Top 100 construction companies in the UK won £42 billion-worth of contracts last year. Glenigan’s construction industry research shows that Morgan Sindall topped the table of the top 100 construction companies in the UK with £3 billion-worth of contract awards.

This figure is twice the size of the company’s total compared to last year’s league table. Morgan Sindall’s awards in 2021 ranged from the £350 million Project Saturn to fit-out 25 Canada Square (Project ID: 21367875) in London, to a £166 million scheme to construct railway stations at Bedlington and Seaton Delaval on the Northumberland line (Project ID: 20291353) Kier in healthy shape The top three contractors in the top 100 construction companies in the UK remained in the same positions as last year’s table with Kier in second spot ahead of Royal BAM.

Kier’s 2021 order book of just under £1.8 billion is 18% larger than in last year’s table. The company’s awards in 2021 were bolstered by major health contracts. Awards included an £87 million redevelopment of Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton (Project ID: 20397012) to an £80 million revamp of Luton and Dunstable Hospital (Project ID: 15289038) Wham BAM Royal BAM’s order book leapt by more than a third to £1.7 billion.

  1. The group’s order book was boosted by a swathe of major civil projects including big road jobs.
  2. These included a £320 million roads scheme on the A27 near Arundel in West Sussex (Project ID: 14429865) and the £240 million Derby Junctions scheme on the A38 (Project ID: 16389133).
  3. Orders rise across the board Among the top 10 contractors in the top 100 construction companies in the UK, ISG’s order book grew at the largest rate with a rise of 90% on last year’s table to £1.6 billion.

Like Morgan Sindall, ISG benefitted from a surge in work in London, but the top 30 construction companies all increased the total value of their contract awards compared to last year’s table. The Top 100 construction companies in the UK London | North East | North West | Yorkshire | Midlands | East Anglia | South East | South West | Scotland | Wales | Northern Ireland

Position Contractor Number of Projects Value of Projects (£m) Projects
1 Morgan Sindall Group 351 3,084 See all projects
2 Kier Group 210 1,779 See all projects
3 Royal BAM Group 52 1,724 See all projects
4 ISG 83 1,591 See all projects
5 Bowmer & Kirkland 61 1,429 See all projects
6 Wates Group 45 1,339 See all projects
7 Willmott Dixon Holdings 127 1,301 See all projects
8 VolkerWessels 88 1,097 See all projects
9 Winvic Group 44 1,083 See all projects
10 Laing O’Rourke 12 1,070 See all projects
11 Graham Construction 50 1,033 See all projects
12 ENGIE 61 1,008 See all projects
13 Hill Partnerships 24 838 See all projects
14 VINCI Construction UK 21 811 See all projects
15 Skanska UK 10 799 See all projects
16 Galliford Try 94 792 See all projects
17 Balfour Beatty 43 755 See all projects
18 John Sisk & Son 12 734 See all projects
19 McAleer & Rushe 11 727 See all projects
20 Mclaren Construction Group 17 719 See all projects
21 Sir Robert McAlpine 19 693 See all projects
22 Buckingham Group Contracting 29 680 See all projects
23 Henry Construction Projects 13 679 See all projects
24 GMI Construction Group 25 630 See all projects
25 TSL Projects 15 618 See all projects
26 Costain Group 5 618 See all projects
27 Mace 15 534 See all projects
28 JRL Group 8 530 See all projects
29 HG Construction 14 512 See all projects
30 Ardmore Group 7 465 See all projects
31 Multiplex Construction Europe 2 463 See all projects
32 Robertson Group 65 450 See all projects
33 CRH 67 377 See all projects
34 Readie Construction 24 366 See all projects
35 Ferrovial 4 337 See all projects
36 Dragados UK 1 286 See all projects
37 Tilbury Douglas 70 281 See all projects
38 Midas Group 43 281 See all projects
39 IHP Integrated Health 11 266 See all projects
40 Siemens 6 259 See all projects
41 Hitachi Zosen Inova 2 259 See all projects
42 Caddick Group 24 250 See all projects
43 Glencar Construction 27 246 See all projects
44 J J Rhatigan & Company 5 240 See all projects
45 McLaughlin & Harvey 24 237 See all projects
46 Serco 1 217 See all projects
47 SDC 18 213 See all projects
48 R G Carter 31 212 See all projects
49 Bouygues UK 13 210 See all projects
50 BCEGI Construction (UK) 1 202 See all projects
51 Geothermal Engineering 1 200 See all projects
52 Gilbert Ash 9 177 See all projects
53 RG Group 8 176 See all projects
54 Knight Harwood 12 169 See all projects
55 CCG (Scotland) 17 162 See all projects
56 Benniman 16 161 See all projects
57 G W Highways 1 160 See all projects
58 C J O’Shea Group 3 155 See all projects
59 Farrans Construction 8 150 See all projects
60 Tolent 24 147 See all projects
61 Anesco 2 140 See all projects
62 Ian Williams 6 140 See all projects
63 Mott Macdonald Group 8 139 See all projects
64 Seddon Group 18 136 See all projects
65 Clegg Group 13 135 See all projects
66 Bennett Construction 4 131 See all projects
67 JSSH 13 131 See all projects
68 Domis Construction 3 122 See all projects
69 BW Interiors 25 122 See all projects
70 Bom Group 1 120 See all projects
71 One Group Construction 22 119 See all projects
72 Esh Group 29 119 See all projects
73 Vision Homes 2 115 See all projects
74 Team Van Oord 4 113 See all projects
75 PMC Construction & Development 6 112 See all projects
76 Neilcott Construction 15 111 See all projects
77 Beck Interiors 3 110 See all projects
78 Beard 27 107 See all projects
79 Barhale 5 106 See all projects
80 Jarvis 7 106 See all projects
81 Merit Holdings 3 105 See all projects
82 ARJ Construction 7 103 See all projects
83 Stainforth Construction 18 98 See all projects
84 8Build 27 98 See all projects
85 Claritas Group 8 97 See all projects
86 Durkan Holdings 9 94 See all projects
87 Collins Construction Projects 10 93 See all projects
88 P P O’Connor 8 89 See all projects
89 Ashcroft Services 2 88 See all projects
90 Parkway MK 10 86 See all projects
91 RJ McLeod (Contractors) 8 85 See all projects
92 Wynne Construction 15 85 See all projects
93 LCB Construction 4 84 See all projects
94 Clark Contracts 22 83 See all projects
95 Osborne 10 83 See all projects
96 Henry Boot 6 82 See all projects
97 Murphy Group 10 82 See all projects
98 Trac Structural 1 80 See all projects
99 Cornerstone Construction 1 80 See all projects
100 Legendre UK 3 80 See all projects
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Who is the biggest construction company?

Bechtel. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Bechtel is the largest general contractor in the country. With revenues of $17.5 billion recorded in 2021, Bechtel is pretty consistently at the top of this list.

What is the best construction company to work for in the UK?

Top Construction employers hiring near you include Arcadis with an employee rating of 4.2 out of 5, Balfour Beatty rated 3.8 out of 5, Kier Group with a rating of 4.3 out of 5, Amey with a 3.6 out of 5, and Hilti Group rated 3.1 out of 5 by employees.

Who is the richest construction company in the world?

The Top 250 International Contractors reported $482.40 billion in contracting revenue in 2017 from projects outside their home countries, up 3.1%, from $468.12 billion, in 2016. ENR’s 2018 Top 250 Global Contractors.

RANK 2018 RANK 2017 FIRM

What is the biggest construction project in the UK?

Hinkley Point C –

Project Project Value Location Main Contractor(s) Expected Completion
Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station £25–£26 billion West Somerset Coast Bouygues and Laing O’Rourke (BYLOR) June 2027

Supporting the UK’s ambition to reach net-zero by 2050 Hinkley Point C (HPC) will be UK’s first-ever 3rd generation nuclear power plant. It is Europe’s biggest construction project — spanning 430 acres in total. According to EDF, the Hinkley Point C has over 22,000 people working on the project in Britain, with 922 apprentices trained to date.

  • Upon its completion, HPC will generate 7% of the UK’s total electricity supply.
  • The two EPR reactors can generate 3,260MW of low-carbon electricity for 60 years.
  • This whole project will provide carbon-free power to six million households across the UK.
  • The construction began in March 2017 and was expected to be completed by 2025.

Unfortunately, HPC has been subject to several delays and budget overruns. Although site work continued even during the pandemic, global supply chain disruption, labour shortages, and inflation significantly impeded the progress. As of June 2022, the Nuclear Island reactor building of Unit 1 has grown to 34m.

Which country is leading in construction?

Construction Heavy Construction

Premium Premium statistics Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data (partially from exclusive partnerships). A paid subscription is required for full access. India was the country with the most infrastructure projects in development or execution valued at over 25 million U.S.

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Who is the largest privately owned construction company?

Construction Contractors Fill Out Forbes List of America’s Largest Private Companies Who Is The Biggest Construction Company In Uk data: Forbes; table: ForConstructionPros.com Thirty-five of the 225-company list of America’s largest private companies (about 16%),, are in the construction industry. Nearly all are constructors – five companies are construction-product manufacturers or distributors.

The largest private construction companies that call the world’s largest construction market home won’t surprise many: Kiewit, ABC Supply, Whiting-Turner. They put up impressive numbers: a span of $17.6 billion to $9.2 billion in revenue. Kiewit commits 27,000 employees to earning its $12.5 billion in revenue.

Whiting-Turner brings home $9.2 billion with a little more than 4,200 on the payroll. No judgement on either company – but differences in portions of revenue earned in less labor-intensive types of construction create interesting contrast. The smallest of the biggest, Zachry Group, is estimated to book about $2 billion in annual revenue.

Who is best builder in the world?

The Top 100

2019 Rank Company 2018 Gross Revenue
1 D.R. Horton (p) $15,728
2 Lennar Corp. (p) $18,811
3 PulteGroup (p) $9,818
4 NVR (p) $7,004

What is the biggest construction company in the world 2022?

ENR’s 2022 Top 250 Global Contractors

Rank 2022 Rank 2021 Firm
1 1 China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd., Beijing, China†
2 2 China Railway Group Ltd., Beijing, China†
3 3 China Railway Construction Corp. Ltd., Beijing, China†
4 4 China Communications Construction Group Ltd., Beijing, China†

Which city in the UK has the most construction?

Building Britain – Cities where the most homes are being built Across the UK property demand continues to outweigh supply. To overcome this issue house building targets have recently been revealed. During the Autumn Budget chancellor, Rishi Sunak confirmed that the government will put £11.5 billion towards building up to 180,000 new, affordable homes across the country.

Since the announcement the home building target has been questioned by many in the property industry including the Building Back Britain Commission. Clothes2Order recently analysed data from the government and Indeed to reveal the areas of the country where new build homes are in the most supply. UK’s new build housing hotspots The research looked at a range of factors including the number of homes built in 2020, and the number of homes built per 100,000 people.

Cities that are the best for factors including construction jobs in the area, planning application success rates were assessed. An overall Construction Score was used to rank each location accordingly. A list of the largest towns and cities in the UK was used to sample locations.

Using Office for National Statistics data supplied by, the 50 largest towns and cities in the country by population were chosen. Milton Keynes came out on top as the area with the most homes built. In 2020 684.39 homes were built per 100,000 people in the largest town in Buckinghamshire. Manchester also ranked highly as the city in the northwest of England had almost 3,000 (2,990) homes built last year, making Manchester the city with the highest number of homes built in 2020.

Huddersfield was the town with the most building activity when analysing construction jobs, planning applications, and new homes built. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Leicester was the city with the least building activity. In 2020 only 29.73 homes per 100,000 people were built in this city.

Rank City/Town Population Homes Built 2020 Homes Built per 100,000
1 Milton Keynes 184,105 1,260 684.39
2 Huddlesfield 170,269 990 581.43
3 Leeds 503,388 2,740 544.31
4 Manchester 554,400 2,990 539.32
5 Telford 149,377 790 528.86
6 Peterborough 175,680 840 478.14
7 Newcatle Upon Tyne 281,842 1,000 354.81
8 Derby 263,933 880 333.42
9 Wolverhampton 218,255 690 316.14
10 Cambridge 149,023 460 308.68


Rank City/Town Homes Built 2020 Homes built per 100,000 1 Leicester 91.30 29.73 2 Blackpool 56.96 109.80 3 Portsmouth 99.81 104.64 4 London 80.02 214.75 5 Luton 204,57 130.10 6 Kingston upon Hull 62.70 117.78 7 Birmingham 130.10 71.07 8 Southampton 151.17 148.57 9 Brighton 126.86 53.72 10 Stoke-on-Trent 55.22 245.44

What is a builder called in the UK?

In the last couple of weeks, I came upon two examples of a not uncommon phenomenon: an American, writing for an American publication, using an obvious Britishism when writing about Britain or a Briton. You might call it protective coloration, or going native.

The first one was in a New Yorker article by Elizabeth Kolbert in which she describes what she finds in a parking lot (which she does not call a car park ) near her airport hotel at Heathrow: “empty water bottles, crumpled candy wrappers, crushed soda cans, half-eaten packages of crisps.” Of course, crisps is the word British people use for what Americans call potato chips or chips (which is what British people call what Americans call french fries or fries ).

But, as a matter of fact, crisps has been worming its way into AmE of late, specifically for products that are more off-beat than your typical Wise or Lay’s potato chips. This one, for example: Who Is The Biggest Construction Company In Uk So I will categorize crisps as “on the radar.” The other example came in a New York Times obituary of “Micky Lay, a bibulous retired builder who helped Mark Rylance craft his performance in Jez Butterworth’s hit play about British outcasts, ‘Jerusalem.'” The relevant term is builder.

In the U.S., that word is used pretty much exclusively by newspapers in describing people like Donald Trump–that is, real estate developers. In Britain, the OED says, ” As the name of a trade, builder now denotes the master artisan, who receives his instructions from the architect, and employs the masons, carpenters, etc., by whom the manual work is performed.” That is what Americans would call a “contractor.” But I believe that British builder also refers to a lower-level laborer, what we call “construction worker.” I await enlightenment on this point.

Builder has made some inroads into the youth of America via the animated children’s series “‘ Bob the Builder,” which has aired here since 2001. Some of the kids who watched it back then have grown up by now. But I don’t see any evidence of builder being used here in the British sense.

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Who is Australia’s biggest builder?

Metricon Homes continues to lead the list of Australia’s largest 100 residential builders, as revealed by the HIA-COLORBOND steel Housing 100 Report for 2021/22 released last week. This is Metricon Homes’ seventh consecutive year at the top, according to HIA chief economist, Tim Reardon.

  • The Housing 100 Report ranks Australia’s largest 100 residential builders based on the number of homes commenced each year.
  • The latest report reveals that there were fewer starts in 2021/22 compared with 2020/21, primarily caused by rising material prices and demand-supply gaps.
  • Metricon Homes reported a total of 5,969 home starts, marginally lower than the 6,052 starts the previous year.

These starts were across Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia,” Reardon said. Notable among the top rankers is MJH Group (NXT Building Group), which has moved up from fourth in 2019/20 to second this year with 4,143 starts. Hutchies with 3,829 starts was the third largest home builder in Australia.

  • The company was also the largest apartment builder last year.
  • ABN Group with 3,393 starts and the AHB Group with 2,973 starts rounded off the top five at fourth and fifth places respectively.
  • These results are against a market that has seen new home starts lower than the record set the previous year.

For this reason, two-thirds of the builders in this year’s Housing 100 commenced fewer homes than in 2020/21. The market share of the largest 100 builders also shrank from 44 per cent to 36 per cent,” Reardon notes. “The market in 2021/22 was dominated by the adverse impact of rising material prices caused by record levels of demand, supply chain constraints and labour shortages.

The supply of building materials has improved significantly in recent months. Shipping costs are declining and the rise in building material costs on the ground is slowing. In some cases, prices have fallen. The cost of building will continue to increase in 2022/23, but at a slower rate than last year,” he noted.

The return of apartment builders was a significant development in the 2021/22 residential property market. “The loss of overseas migration saw the apartment market shrink rapidly at the start of the pandemic, but a return to work and study is seeing the apartment market recovering.

  1. A stabilisation in the cost of construction combined with an acute shortage of rental accommodation will continue to see a strengthening in the apartment market,” Reardon says.
  2. The return of overseas students, tourists and migrants will see the number of multi-unit dwelling starts continue to recover the further we get away from the pandemic,” he concludes.

The HIA-COLORBOND steel Housing 100 Report 2021/22 shows that the largest 100 residential builders:

Reduced their share of the new home building market from 44 per cent (all time high) in 2020/21 to 36 per cent in 2021/22. Accounted for 77 per cent of the detached homes built in Australia in 2021/22. Built 15.0 per cent fewer homes, from 88,215 home starts in 2020/21 to 74,973 in 2021/22. Built 4.0 per cent fewer detached houses compared to the previous year, 21.3 per cent more multi-units. Despite this fall in the number of homes, earned 8.8 per cent more revenue from home construction, up to $34.7 billion in 2021/22 due to the rise in the cost of construction.

Image: iBuildnew For a full copy of the report, go here,

What is the biggest construction company in the world 2022?

ENR’s 2022 Top 250 Global Contractors

Rank 2022 Rank 2021 Firm
1 1 China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd., Beijing, China†
2 2 China Railway Group Ltd., Beijing, China†
3 3 China Railway Construction Corp. Ltd., Beijing, China†
4 4 China Communications Construction Group Ltd., Beijing, China†

What is the most famous construction company?

162 articles

Rank (2022) Company Revenue
1 The Turner Corp. $14.4 billion
2 Bechtel $12.2 billion
3 Fluor $11.7 billion
4 Kiewit Corp. $11.2 billion

Who is the biggest builder in Canada?

Top 40 largest construction companies in Canada

Position Company Revenue
1 PCL Construction $7.6 billion
2 EllisDon Corporation $4.9 billion
3 Aecon Group Incorporated $3.9 billion
4 Graham Construction $3.8 billion