How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost?

How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost
How Much Does It Cost To Shingle A Roof? Shingles are a necessity for covering your roof, plus they’re a strong exterior design statement. On average, most homeowners pay between $8,000 and $9,000 to install new shingles, with low costs in the $5,000s and high costs pushing into the $12,000s and higher,

How often should you replace the shingles on your roof?

In general, this is the recommended replacement schedule based on the material used: Composition Shingles: 12-20 years. Asphalt Shingles: 15-30 years. Wood Shingles: 20-25 years.

What color shingles are best?

More and more homeowners are adding value to their property – and lifestyle – by creating outdoor living spaces. When it’s time to think outside the home, it’s time to include that new roof in your plans. Wouldn’t you love to have an outdoor kitchen for al fresco cooking, dining and entertaining? Or a spa-like relaxation area complete with a pool, deck, hot tub or even a sauna? How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost See how much of your new roof will be visible from your backyard? Consider it an element of your exterior decorating! Maybe you’d prefer the quieter charms of a graceful gazebo amid a zen meditation garden or just a restful conversation area on your deck or patio? How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost The shingle colors of these roofs blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, gardens and landscaping. Altogether beautiful! No matter what your backyard dream is, you’ll be seeing a lot more of your roof when you spend that much time outside. So the asphalt shingles you choose for your roof should be beautiful to behold and make a personal statement about those who live under its protection. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost Can a roof really express a homeowner’s personality? Yes! Depending on the style of home and the color of the roofing shingles you choose, you can create a warm, welcoming vibe or a bold, dramatic statement. You can opt for traditional elegance or an ultra-contemporary urban chic. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost The right color and style of roofing shingles will also make a great first impression from the front of your home, enhancing its curb appeal and potentially boosting its resale value. A new roof is a big investment that you – and your neighbors – will have to live with for many years. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost According to industry research, one of the greatest challenges many homeowners face is how to match shingle colors that complement their home. The table below can help you quickly match roof shingle colors to your home’s basic exterior color:

Red Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Green
Light Grey Grey, Black, Green, Blue, White
Beige/Cream Brown, Black, Grey, Green, Blue
Brown Grey, Brown, Green, Blue
White Almost any color including Brown, Grey, Black, Green, Blue, White
Weathered Wood or Log Houses Brown, Green, Black, Grey

We’ve put together 17 facts and tips to help you match shingle colors to your home.1. Your roof can account for up to 40% of your home’s visual exterior, so it deserves as much consideration as you’d devote to its interior design. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost The higher the pitch or the greater the slope of your roof, the more you’ll see the shingles from street level. When selecting your asphalt roofing shingles, choose a color and profile that will enhance your home’s architectural style and draw the eye upward toward any special details, like dormers and gables.2.

  • Color is too important a factor to ignore.
  • Not only does it have a psychological effect (calming, soothing, exciting, etc.) on us, it can serve other purposes that we’ll explore more fully below.3.
  • How to choose shingle colors that complement your home? It’s helpful to start by thinking big.
  • Then narrow down your choices.

Here’s how.4. The first question to ask yourself is where do you live? Because climate and geography matter. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost In the past, light-colored asphalt shingles weren’t as prevalent in the humid southern climate. Today, however, the addition of special algae-resistant granules that help inhibit the growth of blue-green algae helps reduce the appearance of harmless but unsightly black streaks. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost If your home is in the Pacific Northwest, you may wish to choose roofing shingles in shades or combos of grey, brown or green to harmonize with the natural environment of sea and evergreens.5. In the north, natural sunlight has a cool, bluish cast to it; the farther south you go, the warmer and more reddish the character of the light becomes. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost When choosing a shingle color to match your home, always look at actual samples in different light conditions and remember that natural light varies considerably by location, not just time of day. Notice how the homeowner chose solid dark grey shingles because of the multicolored brickwork and intricate trim, then picked up those brick colors for the accents of shutters, doors and eavestroughing.

It all works! 6. Construction and building materials can also vary by geographic location. Here are two examples, and how they might affect choosing a shingle color for your roof. Brick homes are more prevalent in northern areas; in southern areas, frame or stucco homes tend to be more common. Other facings often used in both areas include masonry, stone veneer, wood logs, wood or vinyl siding.

Because this home’s brickwork is a fairly uniform red tone, the look and texture of these shingles in various shades of grey work especially well. If the brickwork had had a patchwork of various colors, this choice might have clashed. Suggested shingle colors for red brick houses: dark brown, black, grey, green. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost This roof’s contrasting hues of light and dark grey go great with the neutral, light grey siding. See how that touch of reddish brown in this color blend really gets picked up by the shutters? All these shades work together beautifully to create the upscale look of genuine slate tiles. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost 7. People often ask what color of shingle goes with such and such a color of house? We hope these examples will help answer some of your questions! Shingle colors for beige or cream-colored houses include brown, black, grey, green, blue in solid colors or an exciting color blend, as long as it doesn’t clash with the other exterior elements. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost Shingle colors for brown houses include grey, brown, black, green and possibly blue. Shown here are IKO Armourshake Premium Designer shingles in Weathered Stone, How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost White houses allow the roof to be a truly blank canvas. Almost any color will look fantastic; it comes down to other variables, such as your neighborhood, home’s architectural style and your personal preference. Shingle colors for white houses include brown, grey, black, green, blue, white. Shown are IKO Royal Estate shingles in Shadow Slate – a very dramatic color blend. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost Shingle colors for weathered wood or log houses include brown, green, black, grey. Consider a shingle with a high-definition profile to mimic the look of natural wood shakes. Shown are IKO Dynasty Performance shingles in Glacier. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost 8. Darker colors absorb heat; lighter colors reflect heat and may help keep your home cooler, although you have to take what some say about energy savings with a grain of salt. Adequate ventilation and the quality of your home’s insulation are what really determine its energy efficiency.9. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost California building codes now require “cool roofs” that are Title 24-compliant, in order to help reduce a home’s carbon footprint. Look for asphalt roofing shingles manufactured with special, high-reflectance granules embedded in them. They’re engineered to reflect the sun’s radiant heat and are available in a surprising range of colors, from white and grey to darker shades of grey and brown.10. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost Asphalt roofing shingles in a color blend of various shades of brown co-ordinate beautifully with the fixed exterior elements of this chateau-style home’s light but multicolored brickwork, patterned driveway/courtyard pavement and even the mulch chips, as well as with the natural surroundings.11. The neighboring homes in this subdivision are similar in style but their facings are of different hues. Notice how all houses have the same color of roofing shingle. The multi-tone grey goes well with each house’s color yet creates an overall look that is very cohesive and visually attractive.12.

What’s your home’s architectural style? Always select a shingle color that complements yet contrasts with your home’s exterior elements, no matter what style of home you have. If everything matches, the overall look will be bland and boring.Victorian, Queen Anne, Colonial, Plantation and other historical homes look best in traditional colors.

Choose dark grey or black, either in solid colors or varying shades to mimic the look of natural slate tiles or brown, to evoke the look of genuine wood shake construction. Dark green or blue might work well too, depending on the color of your current siding and facing. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost This graceful Victorian home with its cream-colored siding, red brick chimney and street-level posts remains true to character with these roofing shingles in varying shades of brown. Asphalt shingles are ideal for roofing those challenging angles, multiple planes and rounded turrets too.Rustic homes, waterfront or rural properties have a more casual, less formal, look. Rural homes, whether of log, wood or stone construction, can look warm, casual and inviting yet very dramatic, as the choice of grey roofing shingles emulating slate tiles shows here.13. Always mix patterns with care, especially if the color of the facing and the roofing shingles being considered already contrast with each other.

A good rule of thumb is to mix patterns ON your home the way you’d mix them IN your home; i.e., combine a large print with a smaller print in a complementary color. For example, does your home’s facing feature a pattern of multicolored bricks? Then roofing shingles in a multicolored color blend may or may not be a good choice, depending on how large or busy the pattern of bricks is.

Similarly, if your facing is a stone veneer of very large, randomly sized and multicolored fieldstones, roofing shingles with a prominent texture or multiple colors are likely to compete or clash. Here’s a great example of successfully mixing patterns. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost 14. Do you want to hide or enhance? Enlarge or reduce? A roof of light-colored asphalt shingles can make your home appear larger and draw attention to any positive features, while darker colors can hide imperfections and create focus.15. Outbuildings need roofs too. How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost This grey and brown color blend is an excellent roofing shingle choice based on the siding, wood beam accents and stone facing of this outdoor structure and its surrounding greenery.16. Try before you buy. You’d never choose a paint color without taking sample chips home and looking at them against the walls to be painted in various lighting conditions, so always look at actual shingle samples at different times of day against all of your home’s exterior elements to make sure that what you see is what you’ll get.Remember to look at existing roofs in your community that have the same shingles and color blends for inspiration – and confirmation – too.

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How long does a shingle roof last in Florida?

Lifespan –

Shingles are the most commonly used roofing material in Florida, mainly because of their good performance and low cost. While asphalt shingles come with warranties of 20 to 30 years, their lifespan in Florida is much shorter. High-quality architectural shingles have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. Conversely, 3-tab shingles are expected to last 10 to 12 years. Tile roofs in Florida last from 25 years to 50 years. When maintained properly, they could last even longer. When installed correctly, they can withstand high winds, damage from salt spray, and UV exposure.

Do roofers put new shingles over old ones?

How Much Does A New Shingle Roof Cost Deciding on a roof replacement plan can be a tricky proposition for many homeowners. In most situations, roofing contractors will advise a full roof replacement, but in certain circumstances a simpler re-roofing job might be deemed more appropriate. This will be largely dependent on the existing roof’s age and overall quality, as well as from the condition of the house as a whole.

Is it better to tear off old shingles?

Which Method Should You Do? – At Bridger Steel, our team always recommends that contactors and installers use the roof tear off method. We never recommend installing a new roof directly over the old one because of all the potentially missed underlying damage, voided warranties, and more.

Our team recommends completely tearing off the old roof because installing your new metal roof. For an even more in-depth explanation on why we recommend the tear off method, check out our blog ” Can You Install a Metal Roof Over Shingles ?”. If you have any questions or concerns about roof overly vs.

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tear off, get in touch with Bridger Steel’s team today. Our Product Specialists can address any issues, concerns, or questions in regard to metal roofing installation and recommendations. Contact Us today or gill out our Get a Quote form to get started if you’re ready for a new roof! If you think your roof may need replaced, please read through our blog ” 5 Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced,

Is it cheaper to roof over existing shingles?

Overlay Roofs — The Pros – The overlay method is popular among homeowners who want an updated look but would like to stick to a tighter timeline or budget. They enjoy the following benefits of an overlay roof:

It’s more affordable. Simply adding another layer of shingles doesn’t require as much labor as it would take to remove them first. Therefore, labor costs are much lower for overlay roofs. It’s a faster turnaround. Since overlay roofs require less work, they can be completed in shorter timelines. This is great if you need a new roof immediately or want to avoid too much disruption to your regular lifestyle.

How much does a roof cost in Connecticut?

Every aspect of your roof replacement project is essential. From knowing the estimated cost, choosing a contractor, and executing the project; you need to take every aspect seriously. In this article, we will share with you Roof Replacement Cost CT 2019,

We are concerned about giving homeowners in CT the right information about roofing. The correct information will make your roof replacement project more straightforward than you think. ​ We have come up with the most recent prices for roofing materials and replacement prices. You see, this article comes in handy.

It’ll give you all the information you need to know about roof replacement cost CT 2019. ​It may interest you to know that roofs aren’t the same. And roofers don’t charge the same price. Furthermore, contractors in CT charge their roof replacement services between $3.50 and $5.50 for every square foot.

Also, they may cost between $400 and $650 per square of architectural shingles installation.100 square feet of the roof surface is equal to one square. And an average size of roof in Connecticut is 1,700 square feet. Going by the above analysis, you may spend roughly between $6000 and $9,350 for your roof (with the assumption that your roof size 1700 square feet).

And if you have a larger house with a garage (About a 3,000 square foot), a 30 years fully installed shingle roof will cost between $12000 and $19,500. The roof replacement price range mentioned above may include removing and disposing of up to two layers of existing shingles.

It also contains new underlayment as well as ice and water shield. Ice and water shields are usually at the roof’s eave and valley. Roof Replacement Cost CT 2019: A Wider Pricing Range Furthermore, the average cost for a composition shingles roof could be between $2.75 and $7.50 for every square foot.

And an average cost between $275 and $750 for every square installed. Don’t forget that what we have here is just an estimate. There may be a little variation in your roof replacement cost CT 2019. The difference in price depends on the roofer you are hiring and your home’s location.

  1. Are you surprised? The geographical location of your home has an impact on your roof replacement cost.
  2. If you have a ranch style family house in CT, your roof area will be between 15 and 20 squares.
  3. And it may cost you between $5000 and $8000(low-end) for your roof replacement project or between $9000 and $15000 (high-end).

The high-end cost mentioned above has to do with a complicated and challenging roof replacement. Such replacement requires you to use premium materials. And get a contractor with a comprehensive quality warranty. Reason for Wide Pricing Range In Low End and High-End Roof Replacement The idea for pricing range differs, but we are going to discuss a few of them.

  • The price you are paying for a roof replacement project depends on the contractor you are hiring.
  • Some roofers are relatively new and desperate for jobs.
  • For this reason, they may resort to underbid for jobs.
  • But when a contractor bids too low for a roof replacement ( less than $2.50 per sq.
  • Ft), it’s advisable not to hire him for your roof project.

Such a contractor may have a little overhead. It means he’s working without liability insurance. And you know this could be a potential liability for you. I am not saying you shouldn’t consider a contractor that is offering a lower rate. But some prices are just too unrealistic, and you need to be careful of such offers.

  • They never end well.
  • For high-end pricing range, you usually get bids from fully established contractors.
  • Some of these contractors offer you a full workmanship warranty.
  • And their prices are always higher than other contractors.
  • Again, let me clarify something here.
  • That a contractor bids for a higher price doesn’t mean his job will be the best.

Some contractors may charge high because they will hire subcontractors to handle the actual roof replacement. Asphalt Shingles Materials and Labor Cost When some roofers are giving you roof replacement cost CT 2019, they can give you a breakdown formula of 40% material cost and 60% labour cost.

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Always bear in mind that it’s just a pricing structure and you can always negotiate for a better deal. I will discuss asphalt shingles materials and labour cost in the following areas; – 3-Tab Shingles – 30-years Architectural Shingles – Premium Shingles 3-tab 25 Shingles The material cost for a 3-tab 25 years shingles range between $150 and $200 per square.

This includes composition shingles, underlayment, ridge-vent, nails, ice-and-water shields, chimney flashing, and caulk. Depending on what you need, wood planks/boards, trash bags, and plywood could be among the cost of materials. In Connecticut today, most licensed and insured contractors charge the installation cost (labour) as about 60% of the total cost.

Going by this analysis, it will cost you an average between $350 and $450 to install a 3-tab composition shingle roof per sq. Ft. Now let’s come to the real deal. If you have a ranch house in CT, the actual roof surface will measure between 15 and 20 squares. This analysis implies that it’ll cost you between $6725 and $9,000 to install necessary composition shingles roof.

The cost is based on the average installation cost of $450 per square with a workmanship warranty of 5 years. There are instances when the basic installation cost per square is slightly higher than the base cost. Such variation is usually between $100 and $150.

  • And it happens when the contractor will need to remove and dispose of the existing shingles before installing a new one.
  • Furthermore, the total cost may increase if the planks/boards under the shingles are old and need replacement.
  • And if you are giving additional requirements to your contractor regarding skylight and chimney flashing, he may slightly increase the cost.

A typical contractor in Connecticut will charge an average of $200 extra to work on your chimney flashing or skylight. Most homeowners would always prefer 3-tab (25 years) roof shingles. The reason for this is that it’s relatively cheap and fundamental.

But it’s a bit difficult to install. If all the tabs, columns, and rows in 3-tab shingles aren’t aligned properly, the lines will not be straight. And the roof will not look nice after installation.30- Years Architectural /Dimensional Shingles The 30 years architectural shingles are more expensive than 3tab.

They are thicker and more durable than 3tab shingles. And contractors who install these shingles often want to create a good impression for homeowners. If you decide to go with the 30 years dimensional shingles, it may cost you between $70 and 100 dollars more per square.

So, it may cost you between $7850 and $11000 to install single story hip and gable roof on your ranch roof. And the cost depends on your home’s geographical location, size and complexity of your roof, warranty details, the contractor you are hiring, and your ability to negotiate. Premium Shingles – 50 years Warranty Premium shingles is a top notch roofing option that gives homeowners 50 years warranty.

To me, it’s like a lifetime warranty. But it’s relatively expensive. If you want to use premium shingles for your roof replacement project, you may spend between $450 and $750 per installation square. This will be around $9000 to $15,000, although it depends on your home’s location and the contractor you hire.

  1. Quick Facts No asphalt shingles roof can last as long as 50 years.
  2. It’s just marketing hype to by manufacturers to make you pay higher for their product.
  3. And they often seduce you with these very unusual warranties which aren’t real.
  4. So, there are more to material warranties than you know.
  5. As a contractor with over three decades’ experience, I can confidently tell you to get materials with 15 or 20 years warranty.

These materials are cheaper and sometimes better. And if they fail prematurely due to a manufacturing defect, you may not have much to lose. And not all roof leakages are due to material defects; labour errors cause some. For this reason, try to get your contractor to give you a workmanship warranty in writing.

  1. By the way, what do you understand by manufacturer’s Warranty? Oh! Do you think when a roof fails; the manufacturer will replace the entire roof? No, it’s far from it.
  2. The manufacturers will only replace the failed materials and leave you to bear the installation cost.
  3. You see, this is why we advise homeowners to take workmanship warranty more serious than materials.

It’s better to pay more for a better workmanship warranty, rather than spending more on premium materials that may under-perform. ​ Are you noticing some defects in your roof? Or do you think your roof needs replacement? Don’t wait further; contact us at Suburban roofing to carry out free roof inspections on your property.

How do I estimate the roofing of my house?

Calculating the Area (True) – If you want to get the exact area measurement for your roof, you can follow these steps:

Once you have your roof’s pitch, divide the number by 12. (For example, if your roof’s pitch is 4 in 12, you would divide 4 by 12. This would yield 1/3.) Next, square your result. (If your number is 1/3, squared would yield 1/9.) After that, add 1 to your number. (1/9 + 1 = 10/9.) Next, figure out the square root of your new number. (The square root of 10/9 is 1.05.) Next, use your measuring tape to measure the length of your house. (Be sure to include overhangs.) After that, measure the width of your house. (Be sure to include overhangs.) Multiply your house length by your house width to get the area. (For example, 40 feet x 30 feet = 1,200 square feet.) Next, multiply the area by your roof’s pitch. (1,200 x 1.05 = 1,260 square feet.) To allow for hips, ridges, and waste, add 10% of your final number for a gable roof and 17% of your final number for a cottage roof. (Your total number would be either 1,386 or 1,474 square feet.)

: How to Calculate Roof Area