How To Become Channel Partner In Real Estate?

How To Become Channel Partner In Real Estate
Get associated with Prestige Group – At Prestige Group, we value our relationship with our Channel Partners and look forward to building a long term association with mutual benefits. Over the last decade, the Prestige Group has firmly established itself as one of the leading and most successful developers of real estate in India by imprinting its indelible mark across all asset classes, with sales in excess of Rs.5,000 Crore in the year 2020-21.

  1. Prestige Group has its presence across cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Goa and Mangalore and will soon be launching in Mumbai as well as Delhi-NCR.
  2. We invite you to be a part of this success story.
  3. To register as a Channel Partner, reach out to us at [email protected], with the scanned copy of the filled and signed declaration form, along with documents required, or contact us on +91 7259039333 to know more.

As a Channel Partner you get priority updates on offers and new launches, marketing support and training, invites to exclusive events, attractive commission schemes, timely pay-outs, and much more! Join us today to become an Esteemed Partner and reap the benefits of partnering with Prestige Group.

What is the work of channel partner?

A channel partner is a company — such as a reseller, service provider, vendor, retailer or agent — that partners with another organization to market or sell their services, products or technologies.

What is the benefit of channel partner?

But what does that relationship look like? – Channel partners are companies that work with a manufacturer or vendor to help promote their products or services. Co-branding is fundamental and channel partners range from distributors, system integrators, managed service providers to value-added resellers.

An effective channel partner can be considered a key piece of the manufacturer or vendor’s sales force. They’re independent, but they market the products or services alongside those of their other vendors or their own solutions. Different partner programs offer a range of benefits to both the vendor and the partner alike.

At, we have decades of expertise empowering partner success by becoming an extension of our team. Based on this successful track-record with partners, we believe most companies can realize six main benefits from becoming a channel partner:

Full Suite of Products & Services Offering products and services from a number of different vendors enables channel partners to deliver to customers a highly diverse product portfolio meeting both the customer’s business and technology needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology Delivering the latest technology products and services builds a competitive advantage. This is critical, especially in specialized areas like cybersecurity, including and,

Advanced Expertise and Resources Channel partners have the power to access a vendor’s full range of human and financial resources – including technical support, product and market training, marketing assistance, co-opted funds, campaign templates and more. These “intangibles” go a long way towards building a larger market presence.

Lead Generation Many vendors continue to market products and services on their own, passing leads received onto channel partners for follow-up and potential new business. This is critical for the new business pipeline.

Increased Margin Depending on the amount of products sold, additional discounts and revenue opportunities can be achieved.

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Benefit from name recognition and reputation being associated with large vendors. These established brands on co-branded marketing materials build credibility with potential customers – associating your business with well-known and respected brands. This might even generate new cross-selling opportunities, as well as give access to certifications and licenses previously unavailable.

  • While becoming a channel partner has many benefits, it’s important to understand each program is different.
  • That means doing your homework, understanding the market, and establishing the right program for you.
  • Here at GlobalSign, we offer a wide range of different programs to suit your business models and power client success.

Explore all we have to offer, and then learn more about the benefits of becoming a channel partner in the complex cybersecurity marketplace.

How do channel partners get paid?

But first, what is a channel partnership? – How To Become Channel Partner In Real Estate Source: 2022 State of the Partner Ecosystem A channel partnership is just one of three common partnership categories, The other two are technology and strategic partnerships. Think of a channel partner as an extension of your sales team. They resell, manage, and/or deliver your product, helping you (the company or vendor) go to market faster.

  1. They make money through referral fees and/or by selling complementary services like consulting, training, and customer support.
  2. If that still sounds a little hazy, consider the travel industry.
  3. While you can book a hotel room directly, oftentimes, you’ll get a better deal if you book through an online travel agency (like Orbitz or Expedia), and an even better deal if you bundle it with an airline booking.

While the hotel loses a percentage of the sale price, the customer acquisition cost makes this a worthy tradeoff. The beauty of channel partnerships is that together, partners and vendors can reach more customers and gain bigger slices of market share.

If done correctly, channel sales can source new revenue streams and help propel growth. “Distributors and resellers typically drive 70% or more of a tech vendor’s revenue,” according to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Identity security company SecureAuth is a prime example of this. In 2019, it drove nearly 70% of its business through channel partners and adopted a 100% channel strategy with a 50% year-over-year growth target,

Channel partnerships aren’t a new phenomenon in the tech world. Rewind to the ‘70s and ‘80s era of licensed software, and you’ll see how tech veterans like Microsoft, SAP, HP, and IBM relied (and still do) on channel sales to achieve growth.

How much do channel partners earn?

Channel Partner salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.0 Lakhs to ₹ 15.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.8 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 302 salaries received from Channel Partners.

Is channel partner and broker same?

Selling Real Estate In Collaboration With Channel Partners And Brokers A typical sales process for any Real Estate business is implemented through two routes. First, is through marketing campaigns and internal sales teams. And second, is through a network of Channel Partners and Brokers.

  1. While marketing campaigns are sufficient to attract some customers, some need an intermediary for added assurity and convenience.
  2. Apart from this, marketing campaigns may or may not bring in as many leads as sales can.
  3. With their local experience and outreach, Channel Partners and Brokers can contribute to overall sales through their time-tested strategies.

Which is why they should be considered an integral part of the sales strategy. Difference between Channel Partners and Brokers The terms Channel Partners and Brokers must not be confused as being the same. Channel Partners are agencies that guarantee the sale of properties within a stipulated time period through their own marketing and sales strategies.

And Brokers are individuals or a team who act as intermediaries between homebuyers and developers. Since Channel Partners take up more responsibility of sales and also underwrite properties, they take higher commissions than Brokers. Role Of Channel Partners And Brokers In Today’s Market We are living in times of uncertainty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the Real Estate industry as well as altered the buying tendencies of home seekers. In such a situation, influencing customers to spend on a property is a challenge. To give them the confidence to buy a property, Channel Partners and Brokers can come to builders’ rescue.

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Builders are guaranteed of sales. Channel Partners deploy their own marketing strategies along with builders’ strategies. Channel Partners pay underwriting amounts to builders, which can be utilised for cash necessities.

Advantages Of Partnering With Brokers There are three main advantages of :

Brokers have better understanding of localities, as a virtue of which they can provide niche consulting to homebuyers. Brokers themselves take care of site visits, documentation, negotiations and coordination for their set of leads. This, in a way, saves the time and efforts of sales teams. By listing residences across property portals, Brokers help in increasing the online visibility of projects.

Apart from the individual advantages of partnering with Channel Partners and Brokers, they both offer a common advantage of expanded lead databases. So, builders can sell to homebuyers who haven’t even seen their marketing communications. Moreover, both entities offer qualified leads with increased chances of conversion.

  • Challenges Of Partnering With Channel Partners And Brokers A coin has two sides.
  • While partnering with Channel Partners and Brokers has its benefits, there are some challenges involved too.
  • The most common issues of this partnership are lead attribution and commission management.
  • Builders often work with multiple Channel Partners/Brokers from the same area, who may bring in the same lead.

In such a case, disputes may happen while accrediting the lead to a particular entity. Which in turn can cause issues regarding the commissions. Sell.Do Enables Hassle-free Collaborative Sales With Channel Partners And Brokers Created with a grass-root level understanding of Real Estate, Sell.Do comes with Channel Partner and Broker integration features.

  1. Its lead tagging and incentive management features prevent the above-mentioned disputes, and its personal dashboard for both entities helps track performance easily.
  2. It also gives builders the control of how much data should be shared with Channel Partners and Brokers, which prevents data leakage.
  3. With these and many other features, Sell.Do ensures the partnership is beneficial and hassle-free for both parties.

Joining forces with Channel Partners and Brokers can be beneficial for builders, if done the right way. To avoid hassles and optimise performance, a can come handy. Sell.Do is an exclusive CRM software for Real Estate developers in India. It has been developed by industry veterans, and comes with features and updates that solve real, on-ground issues.

How much does it cost to join a channel?

How much can you earn per month using YouTube’s Channel Memberships? – Monetization on YouTube has always been a complicated issue, meaning that many influencers’ earnings fluctuate each month. YouTube Channel Memberships mean that influencers have a set income each month, giving them more stability overall.

  • As stated previously, YouTube Channel Memberships start at $4.99 per month but can reach a maximum of $49.99 per month.
  • This gives creators a lot of space to cater their content to their chosen tiers.
  • These prices are pre-determined by YouTube and creators cannot sway outside of this range.
  • It must be noted that YouTube deducts a 30% share of your overall revenue.

This, of course, leaves you with 70% of your earnings. Therefore, if you have 1000 members each paying a minimum of $4.99 per month, your net earnings will be $4990 per month. YouTube will then take their share of 30%, meaning they will deduct $1497. As such, this leaves you with $3493 per month just from Channel Memberships.

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How do I start a channel partner firm?

RERA and channel partners (channel partner in real estate) – Can homebuyers trust channel partners? Channel partners must register with the regulatory authority under the Real estate Act (RERA ). Channel partners are not something homebuyers should be afraid of that.

  1. Channel partners are better than local brokers in that they act as advisors to buyers.
  2. The channel partner can also provide additional services such as free site visits, after-sales service, documentation, and home loan assistance.
  3. Ask for discounts and the best deals on properties.
  4. You can also get help in selecting a project that fits your budget.

A channel partner can provide you with end-to-end support and services, Also read:-

What is the difference between partner and channel partner?

What’s the difference between Partnerships, Channel, and Alliances? – Before addressing the differences between Partnerships, Channel, and Alliances roles, Andrew highlighted how Business Development roles are approached differently in and out of SaaS.

“The biggest one I learned was in software, now primarily called SaaS, Business Development means pre-sales. Outside of SaaS, if you look at hardware, security, or outside of tech altogether, then Business Development starts to overlap with other areas like corporate development, depending on how they’re aligned.

In fact, Business Development could encompass developing new product lines, expanding into new geographies, exploring new industries, or even facilitating mergers, acquisitions, and yes, partnerships.” While it’s still a little fuzzy, Andrew provided a general overview of the key differences.

I still don’t get a consistent answer from people when I ask about Partnerships vs. Alliances vs. Channel. Alliances are multi-faceted, complex partnerships. It’s not partnering with a 10-person agency. It’s partnering with a Global System Integrator (GSO) like Accenture or Deloitte, or a major platform like Microsoft or Salesforce— it’s a big deal.

Channel tends to mean you’re selling through the partner in some fashion – as a distributor, VAR or pure reseller. The partner is responsible for selling and contracting themselves. And Partnerships tends to cover all the rest – referral partners, joint technology / co-solutioning, co-marketing, etc.

How much do channel partners make real estate?

Average salary for a Channel Partner in Real Estate companies is ₹5 Lakhs per year (₹41.7k per month).

What is the value of channel partners?

In a nutshell, channel partners can provide a shortcut to profitability when tapping into new markets. They benefit your overall brand awareness amongst fresh audiences, secondarily assisting your direct sales as well.

How much does it cost to become a YouTube partner?

Becoming a YouTube Partner costs nothing and is totally optional. One of the biggest benefits to becoming a YouTube Partner is that Google handles all the advertising placement, revenue collections and your payments.

How hard is it to become a YouTube partner?

How To Become Channel Partner In Real Estate Joining the YouTube Partner Program is something most creators aspire to. While YouTube’s basic tools are helpful for any user, YPP grants extra resources for building a career on the platform, such as:

access to all of YouTube’s monetization featuresaccess to YouTube’s creator support teamsa copyright match tool to ensure your content isn’t stolen

Of course, these perks aren’t granted to just anyone. Ready to grow your YouTube channel? To apply to the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of Watch Time on your channel. And even then, you need to set up an AdSense account and accept all of YouTube’s terms and conditions to move forward with the application.