How To Start Cement Bricks Business?

How To Start Cement Bricks Business
What is the Average Cost of Opening a Cement Brick Plant or Factory in India? – The average cost of opening a cement brick plant or factory in India depends on how you establish the plant. There are two ways of establishing a cement brick plant or factory in India and they are of the following:

Firstly, Semi-Automatic Cement Brick Plant or FactorySecondly, Fully – Automatic Cement Brick Plant or Factory

The above two ways of establishing a cement brick plant or factory in India can explain briefly in the following: Semi-Automatic Cement Brick Plant or Factory Semi-Automatic Cement Brick Plant or Factory is the first way in the two ways of establishing a cement brick plant or factory in India.

Firstly, concrete mixerSecondly, Water dosing pumpThirdly, Curing bedsAfter this, hydraulically operated concrete block making machine with quadruple vibratorsAfter that, Platform electronic weighing scaleThen after, RamLastly, Moulds

Fully – Automatic Cement Brick Plant or Factory In the two ways of establishing a cement brick plant or factory in India the second way is fully – Automatic Cement Brick Plant or Factory. You can get about 10,000 to 12,000 production output per hour by this fully – automatic cement brick plant or factory.

Firstly, interactive user interfaceSecondly, security configuration logic controlThirdly, fault diagnosis displayAfter this, PLC automatic control systemsAfter that, control systemLastly, production procedures

The Fully – Automatic Cement Brick Plant machine starts price starts from Rs.3, 00,000.


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Is cement brick business profitable in India?

You can sell nearly 5 lakh bricks for ₹30-40 lakh. In this way, after excluding all the expenses, you can profit around ₹4.90 lakh. So, the cement brick business is very lucrative.

How much is 1000 bricks worth?

What Can I Expect to Pay for Cheap Bricks? – Once you’ve got a good idea what you want, do your homework as this can really pay dividends. You’d be surprised just how much costs vary from company to company. Bear in mind, too, that costs can vary depending on the demand from volume house builders, with national brick shortages pushing the price up.

And check that you’re comparing like-for-like. Some bricks are supplied in pallets of 300, others up to 500. Expect to pay between £250 and £400 per 1,000 bricks for wire-cut facing bricks (for comparison, handmade bricks can cost £600 per 1,000 and more). Remember: All bricks manufactured in the UK must conform to British Standards to make sure they are sufficiently strong and can cope with frost and rain, but do check – if you are building in an area of high rainfall and / or high risk of frost, so you may need to buy accordingly.

It really pays not to skimp on costs here.

What is the cost of 1 brick in India?

Cost of different types of bricks in India Burnt clay bricks: Rs 5 to 8 per piece. Fly ash bricks: Rs 4 to 6 per piece. Concrete bricks: Rs 5 to 6 per piece. Engineering bricks: Rs 10 or above per piece.

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What is the profit margin in cement business?

License, Investment and Space Requirements of Cement Dealership – Like every other dealership, a cement dealership involves the completion of several formalities. The investment amount is dependent on the brand of the cement. The amount could vary between ₹ 50,000 and ₹ 5 lakhs,

  1. Most of the top cement companies are known to return this amount with an applicable bank interest as well.
  2. Dealers are known to earn a margin of at least 8-10% of the retail selling prices.
  3. A minimum space requirement of 500 square feet is a prerequisite though it may vary according to the brand’s requirements.

Most of the documents required from several brands include:

Your GST number Ownership or rental premises Location of your commercial premises (where you propose to set it up) Details of other partners (if you plan to include partners) Details of taxpayer identification number (TIN).

Let’s study the requirements of some leading brands like Ambuja, Jaypee, and JK cement. Total investment required The above five brands ask for a security deposit that could vary between ₹ 1 lakh and ₹ 3 lakhs, If you find this amount too big, you can approach existing dealers and get associated with them.

How much does a brick factory cost?

Price Range: Rs 22 Lakh- 1.5 Cr.

What is raw material for cement bricks?

Which Raw Materials are used? – For making the concrete bricks or blocks the raw material like a mixture of powdered Portland cement, water, sand, and gravel is used. These raw materials together make a light gray block having a fine surface texture and have high compressive strength.

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Which type of brick is cheapest?

Red Brick – Red bricks cost $0.40 to $0.90 per brick, or $400 to $900 per 1,000, Made of clay, these bricks are the most common and affordable type.

How much does it cost to start a brick manufacturing plant?

Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine – Approx. Price: Rs 70 Lakh / Set Get Latest Price Product Brochure Product Details:

Automation Grade Automatic
Brick Type Hollow, Interlock, Solid, Curbstone
Capacity (bricks per hour) 1875 – 6250
Method Hydraulic Pressure, Vibration
Condition New
Brick Size Customized
Brand Revomac

We are offering Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine. Price Range:Rs 22 Lakh- 1.5 Cr. Latest German Technology Vibro + Hydro. Pure Indian Manufacturer & Self Manufacturer. Specifications:

Technical Specification
Sr. No. Particulars Dimension
1. Overall Plant Dimension 9.6 x 5.4 x 3.6 m
2. Pallet size 565 x 550 x 19 mm
3. Brick per Stroke (230x110x75mm) 8 Nos.
4. The frequency of vibrate 75-90 Hz
5. Cycle time 20-25 sec.
6. Installed capacity Kw (HP) 29.4 kW (39.5)
7 Belt Conveyor 24.0 Feet
8. Pan Mixer 350 Kg. -02 Nos. 1500 x 450 mm
9. Hydraulic tank Oil Capacity 200 Ltr.
10. Maximum excitation force 44-45 KN
11. Tonnage of Hydraulic Pressure 5 – 8 MT

Additional Information:

Item Code: MAC2500-4 Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer) Production Capacity: 28000/BRICKS