The Type Of Roof Suitable In Plains Where Rainfall Is?

The Type Of Roof Suitable In Plains Where Rainfall Is
Detailed Solution. Explanation: Flat roof : (i) Flat roofs are mainly used in plains, where there is low to moderate rainfall and temperature is high.

Which roofs are preferred in areas of heavy rainfall?

Building Construction Questions and Answers – Types of Roofs This set of Building Construction Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Types of Roofs”.1. Which of the following is not a category of roofs? a) Pitched roofs b) Flat roofs c) Aligned roofs d) Curved roofs View Answer Answer: c Explanation: Roofs are classified into three categories.

  • These are pitched roofs, flat roofs and curved roofs.
  • Pitched roofs are also known as sloping roofs and flat roofs are also known as terraced roofs.2.
  • Which roofs are preferred in areas having heavy rainfall? a) Pitched roofs b) Flat roofs c) Terraced roofs d) Curved roofs View Answer Answer: a Explanation: Pitched roofs are preferred in areas having heavy rainfall.

They have a sloping top surface which allows the rain or snow to slide off. Buildings having limited width can usually be covered by pitched roofs satisfactorily.3. Which roofs are used in hot regions? a) Pitched roofs b) Flat roofs c) Sloping roofs d) Curved roofs View Answer Answer: b Explanation: Flat roofs are used in hot regions or in the areas having moderate rainfall and no snowfall.

They are used for the buildings in plain areas. Note: Join free Sanfoundry classes at or 4. Which roofs are more preferred for public buildings like libraries and theatres? a) Pitched roofs b) Flat roofs c) Sloping roofs d) Curved roofs View Answer Answer: d Explanation: Curved roofs are more preferred for public buildings like libraries and theatres.

Their top surface is curved. These roofs provide architectural effects. They include cylindrical shells and shell domes.5. Which of the following roofs slopes in two directions? a) Lean-to-roof b) Gable roof c) Hip roof d) Mansard roof View Answer Answer: b Explanation: Gable roof slopes in two directions.

These two slopes meet at the apex line. Hip roofs and mansard roofs slope in four directions while lean-to-roof slopes in one direction only. Take Now! 6. Pitch is expressed as a ratio of _ a) Span to ridge b) Ridge to span c) Rise to span d) Span to rise View Answer Answer: c Explanation: Pitch is expressed as a ratio of rise to span.

Span is the distance between the supports of an arch or beam. Rise is the vertical distance measured between the wall plate and the top of the ridge.7. The hip is formed by the intersection of two sloping roof surfaces making an external angle less than 180°.

  1. A) True b) False View Answer Answer: b Explanation: Hip is formed by the intersection of two sloping roof surfaces making an external angle more than 180° while a valley is the reverse of a hip.
  2. It is formed by the intersection of two roof surfaces making an external angle less than 180°.8.
  3. The apex line of a pitched roof is known as _ a) Purlin b) Ridge c) Hip d) Valley View Answer Answer: b Explanation: The apex line of a pitched roof is known as the ridge.

Horizontal wooden members are provided at the apex of a roof truss in the form of beams. These are known as ridge pieces or ridge beams.9. _ is known as the lower edge of an inclined roof surface. a) Eaves b) Ridge c) Plate d) Purlin View Answer Answer: a Explanation: Eaves is known as the lower edge of an inclined roof surface.

The rainwater slides off from the roof surface from the eaves.10. Sloping triangles are formed in _ a) Gambrel roof b) Gable roof c) Hip roof d) Mansard roof View Answer Answer: b Explanation: Sloping triangles are formed in the hip roof at the end faces while in the mansard roof, sloping ends are obtained.

Mansard roof also slopes in four directions just like hip roof but the difference is that in mansard roof, each slope has a break. At the end of the hip roof, the sloped triangular surface formed is known as the hipped end. Sanfoundry Global Education & Learning Series – Building Construction.

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Is a flat roof?

A flat roof is a roof which is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs, The slope of a roof is properly known as its pitch and flat roofs have up to approximately 10°. Flat roofs are an ancient form mostly used in arid climates and allow the roof space to be used as a living space or a living roof,

  1. Flat roofs, or “low-slope” roofs, are also commonly found on commercial buildings throughout the world.
  2. The National Roofing Contractors Association defines a low-slope roof as having a slope of 3 in 12 (1:4) or less.
  3. Flat roofs exist all over the world, and each area has its own tradition or preference for materials used.

In warmer climates, where there is less rainfall and freezing is unlikely to occur, many flat roofs are simply built of masonry or concrete and this is good at keeping out the heat of the sun and cheap and easy to build where timber is not readily available.

In areas where the roof could become saturated by rain and leak, or where water soaked into the brickwork could freeze to ice and thus lead to ‘blowing’ (breaking up of the mortar/brickwork/concrete by the expansion of ice as it forms) these roofs are not suitable. Flat roofs are characteristic of the Egyptian, Persian, and Arabian styles of architecture.

Around the world, many modern commercial buildings have flat roofs. The roofs are usually clad with a deeper profile roof sheet (usually 40mm deep or greater). This gives the roof sheet very high water carrying capacity and allows the roof sheets to be more than 60 metres long in some cases.

What kind of houses are built in the area of heavy rainfall?

In regions of heavy rainfall, people build houses with slanting roofs. Places where water accumulates in the rainy season the houses are constructed on a raised platforms or slits.

Which type of houses are seen in the regions of heavy rainfall?

The stilt houses in India are usually built in those areas that are prone to high rainfall and flooding.

Why flat roofs are better?

Advantages of Flat Roofs –

The Type Of Roof Suitable In Plains Where Rainfall Is Lower construction and repair costs. Flat roofs take up less space and consequently use less material than sloped roofs. This makes initial construction cheaper but also means savings if any extensive repairs become necessary. Versatility. Some homeowners turn their flat roof sections into rooftop gardens, Flat roofs are also ideal for roof deck construction. Homeowners can use a flat roof to add a beautiful addition that also provides additional weather protection. Energy efficiency. Flat roofs are fantastic for keeping home utility costs manageable, especially in warmer climates. While sloped roofs can trap unwanted warm air or allow cooled air to escape, a flat roof means less overhead space for air to stagnate.

What is flat roof called?

Homeowners can choose among three kinds of flat roofs, says Bruce O’Neal, vice president of Matthews Roofing, which has been keeping Chicago’s many flat roofs dry since 1934. What are the different types of flat roofs? Built-up roof (BUR), modified bitumen roof (MBR), and rubber membrane roof (EPDM).

What kind of houses were built to survive heavy rains and floods?

Stilt houses (also called pile dwellings or lake dwellings ) are houses raised on stilts (or piles) over the surface of the soil or a body of water, Stilt houses are built primarily as a protection against flooding ; they also keep out vermin, The shady space under the house can be used for work or storage.

What kind of houses are found in plain areas and why?

What kind of settlements are found in plain areas or/and in wide inter-montane valley? Q. What kind of settlements are found in plain areas or/and in wide inter-montane valley? Answer: Rectangular Pattern Notes: Human settlements can be permanent or seasonal/temporary.

Why do houses have sloping roofs in places where there is heavy rainfall?

In areas of high rainfall, houses have sloping roofs. A sloping roof allows the water to fall to the ground easily.

What are the areas which get heavy rainfall called Class 7?

Hint: Areas that receive precipitation greater than 7.6 mm per hour, or between 10 mm and 50 mm per hour account for the regions with heavy rainfall. These regions experience precipitation all year long. These areas are also called rainforests. Some important plant species in these regions are Mahogany, rosewood, ebony, etc.

  1. Complete answer: Tropical evergreen forests: The type of vegetation that is found in areas of heavy rainfall are tropical evergreen forests.
  2. Due to the heavy rainfall in these areas, these trees do not experience the shedding of leaves.
  3. They are thick, dense, and grow very close to each other.
  4. Areas where tropical evergreen forests are Western ghats, Karnataka, and even Kerala.

These forests are characterized by rich fauna too, like owls, hawks, possums, etc. Fruit-bearing trees: These are the trees that bear fruits that are eaten by humans and some animals. The climate of these trees depends from region to region. Some examples of fruit-bearing trees are olives, orange, mango, etc.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood trees are typically native to the dry deciduous forests. These regions are found in some parts of the Deccan Plateau and some parts of Eastern Ghats. The rainfall in these places is 70 to 100 cm. The Mysore region in India is very famous for its sandalwood. Casuarina: Casuarina is a deciduous tree that grows in coastal regions, sand beaches, and arid sandplains.

It is also known as she-oak. These trees are native to Southeast Asia, Northern Australia, East Timor, etc. In India, they are non-native and can be found in Digha, West Bengal. So, the correct answer is Option A. Note: Regions with evergreen forests are very hot.

What is called heavy rainfall?

Heavy rain — when the precipitation rate is > 7.6 mm (0.30 in) per hour, or between 10 mm (0.39 in) and 50 mm (2.0 in) per hour. Violent rain — when the precipitation rate is > 50 mm (2.0 in) per hour.

Are flat roofs waterproof?

A high-performance composite, GRP is ideal for creating flat roofing systems that are extremely strong, completely waterproof and long-lasting. A modern alternative to traditional materials such as bitumen, felt and lead, as it lasts a lifetime and looks great.

Are flat roofs good for wind?

How To Protect Your Flat Roof In High Wind Vortex Patterns – As you know, here in Naples, FL, we’re no stranger to hurricanes. Unfortunately, the high wind vortex patterns we experience during hurricane season can wreak havoc on your roof. Even flat roofs are vulnerable to potential wind damage.

  1. It’s why you’ll want to take precautionary steps before hurricane season hits to make sure your flat roof can withstand strong hurricane winds.
  2. Although flat roofs are more likely to resist damage in the face of hurricane-strength winds, they can still experience damage, especially along the corners and perimeter edges where wind pressure can cause uplift.

(Traditional slated roofs are more likely to experience shingle damage and blow off.) This isn’t even mentioning the potential damage which can be caused by hail and substantial rainfall. Because of this, it’s important you don’t assume your roof will be fine just because you have a flat roof. The Type Of Roof Suitable In Plains Where Rainfall Is A flat roof in poor shape or has already experienced some damage is going to be more vulnerable to hurricane-force winds. During a routine inspection, we will uncover any issues your flat roof has and properly repair them. Even the smallest issues can become major problems when exposed to high-powered winds.

By ensuring your flat roof is in tip-top shape before hurricane season hits, your flat roof will be less likely to experience serious damage as a result of high-powered winds. In some cases, we may recommend you have your roof replaced. A flat roof which is too damaged to repair properly or has exceeded its expected lifespan is much more likely to be damaged.

Here at Kelly Roofing, we install Duro-Last Commercial Flat Roofs. We take great pride in making sure the roofs we install are installed properly. We’ve been around for over three generations and have earned a reputation for the quality of our workmanship here in Naples.

  • Additionally, because we are a local roofer, we are very familiar with the climate in this area and know how to install and repair a roof to help protect it against hurricane-strength winds.
  • We take great care to maximize wind resistance when installing Duro-Last Commercial Flat Roofs in more hurricane-prone areas.
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For more information about protecting your flat roof from high winds, contact us at Kelly Roofing today. Kelly Roofing 2021-11-01T12:50:46-04:00

What type of roof is the strongest?

What Type of Roof Is the Strongest? – A metal hip roof offers the most durability of any common roofing design. Because hip roofs have an inward slope, they’re ideal for regions that are prone to strong wind and frequent snow. The Type Of Roof Suitable In Plains Where Rainfall Is

What is the best roof design for high winds?

Roof Shapes that Hold Up Best to Hurricanes There are certain roof types and home shapes that will be the best roof for high winds produced by hurricanes than others. Getting to know what these are may help you protect your Florida home from the assault of the all-too-common hurricanes and tropical storms that frequent the region.

  • Home Shape According to research, home’s with square floor plans (even better is octagonal or hexagonal plans) that have a multiple-panel roof with four or more panels, will have the lowest wind loads.
  • If possible, when having your home built, try to adhere to this shape.
  • Roof Slope A roof that has multiple slopes, such as hip roofs, with four slopes, will perform much better under wind forces than a gable roof, which only has two slopes.

While gable roofs are more common because they are more affordable, in regard to wind and hurricane resistance, hip roofs are the better option. The best results will be achieved with a 30-degree roof. Withstanding Wind Forces In most cases, the wind forces on a home’s roof are usually uplift forces.

This is why so many roofs are blown off during any type of extreme wind event. Connecting your roof to the walls also matters. After hit South Florida in 1993, stabled roofs were no longer allowed to be used. Take Proactive Measures against Structural Failure It is crucial that strong connections between the roof and foundation are made.

In many cases, structural failure is a progressive process where the failure of a single structural element triggers other failures in the home. This can eventually lead to a complete collapse. While most connections are vulnerable, there are inexpensive ways you can strengthen them.

  1. Use Aerodynamic Features on the Roof There are certain parts of a building, including the roof’s ridge and the corners that are subjected to higher wind pressures.
  2. However, according to some researchers, there are a few aerodynamic features that can help to alleviate the local pressures, such as installing a central shaft, which functions by creating a connection in between the roof ridge and the internal space in the area where the largest depression is located.

This will help to keep a balance in pressures which can reduce a roof’s wind load. The Roof Overhangs These are often subject to a wind uplift force, which may result in complete roof failure. If you want your home to withstand the force of hurricanes, then it is a good idea to limit the length of these overhangs to just 20 inches.

When you take the time to consider the design of your home and your roof you may be able to find areas where you could improve hurricane resistance. Unfortunately, regardless of where you live in the state of Florida, there are hurricanes you have to deal with. Taking proactive steps to make your home more hurricane resistant will pay off in the long run and help you protect your largest investment.

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We’ve had Proformance roofing do many roof replacements on our vacation rentals and flip homes. They are fast, affordable, professional and do a great job! Bruce is on top of things from start to finish. we don’t bother calling anyone else! Very good experience working with Proformance Roofing. I had them do a roof replacement on a gable end hip roof and flat roof above porch and carport. Initial quote was competitively priced and reasonable. Chaz, the salesman, was very knowledgeable and did not pressure to have to go with them or suggest trying to scam insurance into paying as another company did.

  • Communication was very good start to finish, from giving me start date, to keeping me informed about what was happening on day of installation, and addressing small leak on porch after finish.
  • Crew showed up on time day of installation and worked a good 12-hour day, probably could have finished in one day except for county inspector not showing up.

They did an great job on some transitions from new flat roof to older tin porch roofing. Job site was cleaned thoroughly after completion, picking up debris and magnet sweeping for nails. Overall I have been very pleased with my experience with Proformance and would recommend to any homeowner for a roof replacement. Fantastic company! They did everything they said they would and more! These are the hardest working guys and very professional. They roofed my house in approximately 12 hours!—That’s tear-off and installed with an inspection from the county! Highly recommended! Had a great experience with this roofing company. Bruce was great and Amazing to work with, the roof was done in a day and the workers were very nice and efficient ! Would 100% recommend this company to anyone Probably the best company I have ever worked with. From start to finish everything was performed just as Bruce the sales repExplained it would.I received follow up calls to make sure I was satisfied, even received a call from Bruce a week after completion informing me I could remove the county permit. Failure of this company begins and ends with owner Dustin Estep. His lack of care and involvement in his own business translates to horrible experiences for clients and even his own employees.There would be many, many more negative reviews if they didn’t cut discounts for homeowners to keep them from sharing their negative experiences online which range from shady, unprofessional, and unskilled subcontracted crews managed by Proformance “foreman” who can often be found sleeping in their trucks, multiple revisits to correct poor installations and workmanship, failure to follow OSHA safety guidelines, poor communication, crew representatives showing up on your property unannounced, unexpected delays, etc. Proformance Roofing fitted a new roof for us today. They arrived on time and got straight to work. Josh the team leader was very friendly and kept me up to date with all that was going on. They all worked very hard and finished the job in one day. We are very pleased.Chaz Williams was very professional with a great quote and coordinated this project expertly. Very happy, highly recommend. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a new roof. The crew was very quick ( one day ) to complete the job. Cleaned up when done. I can’t say anything bad. Would definitely use them again. I did my due diligence in comparing companies before I commited and was very happy from beginning to end with my choice.

The crew was very professional, timely, and the overall craftsmanship and work done around my chimney was impeccable. I did not go with the cheapest company but Proformance Roofing offered longer warranties, many colors to choose from and did work with me on price. They set proper expectations and were fast on scheduling and had my roof completed in a day.

Proformance Roofing did an amazing job on my homes new roof. They were priced really well. Best out of 3 other local roofers. From start to finish the Proformance roofers did a fantastic job. I highly recommend. If you like in Belle Isle call these roofers.

You will not be disappointed. Great work! Thank you!! What a fabulous job! My roof is about 4500 square feet. The roof crew worked to tear off and add new underlayment in a half day. After a rain delay of one day, they returned and laid new shingles in 6 hours. They then spent hours tidying up the site, collecting all trash, and finding all nails with their magnet.

They left a yard tidier than when they came. And then the gutter guys came, and in a few short hours added a beautiful seamless aluminum gutter with seven downspouts to my house. What a great job. I fully recommend this roofing company. The roof was put on in one day, they did a fantastic job, they cleaned up the area around my home for nails and small debris that wasn’t put in the dumpster.

They did break two motion lights which I replaced and forgot to put two pins in the gutter which a worker came back to fix. The roof is beautiful. Thank you Pro Formance Roofing Started by working with Tim who helped get me a great quote compared to other companies that wanted a lot more for the same job.

Also very responsive to text and emails and kept me updated on when our roof would be installed. We have a tile roof and because of port congestion there was delays for getting the tile (not Proformances fault) but once the tiles were here they finished the roof in 1 week.

  1. Our whole community has tile roofs and I have seen multiple houses done and the fastest I has seen before this was 2 weeks, and most took over a month plus stuff would sit in the driveway for a month after.
  2. Proformance was quick and cleaned up quickly too.
  3. Any questions or issues they took care of right away and am super impressed with them.

I recommend them if you are looking for a great price, fast service, and good quality. Best value for your money. Thank you Proformance! Very good quoteThey came to do the new roof within two weeks of us having agreed the price. They turned up at 6.50am to start taking the old roof off and worked tirelessly all day until 5pm when the job was completed,

  • They worked cleanly and tidied up as they went along.
  • The skip was collect at 7am the following dayWe can recommend this company 100% We where all set to go with another company.
  • When we noticed our neighbor was having the roof replaced by proformance and used Tim O’Brian as the sales person.
  • We watched as they showed up everyday with a large crew and had the new roof done quickly and without a mess.

Our neighbor said they where very pleased and would recommend them.We are so glad we took our neighbors advice and chose this company. The communication was outstanding and delivered as promised without any surprises. Recently had a new roof installedProformance did a wonderful jobSalesman Chaz was greatHe followed up with us throughout the entire job making certain all was accomplished for usRoof is gorgeous!!! We were provided a personal supervisor (Josh) who, just like Chaz, went out of his way to assure our job not only met, but exceed your expectationsThe crew was fantasticFriendly, starting early and working late, and obviously took pride in their work and even made certain clean up was super!! Definitely would use this company again !!!! Chaz and the workers at Proformance Roofing were outstanding.

  • We were treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism.
  • They were quick to start and got everything done in no time.
  • Thanks to them, we were finally able to get the right insurance we should have had instead of what we did.
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After contacting Home Advisors we interviewed 3 roofing companies and were delighted with our choice. The ratings for Proformance Roofing was at the top of our list and so we were excited. Speaking with Bruce the Accounts Manager allowed us to be comfortable in making the right decision – he gave us all the info we needed and he made it easy for us to understand the process.

  1. The supervisor, Oscar was very present and made accommodations for our large delivery that day.
  2. The staff worked diligently from early morning to dark.
  3. They returned early next morning to complete the job.
  4. After the roof was completed they cleaned up all the debris, nails and roofing material from the yard.

Our plants that were relocated were moved back to their places. Our AC system was protected from debris. Thanks so much to Proformance Roofing and us making the right choice. We highly recommend Proformance to anyone who are looking to get their roof done.

  1. Great job Proformance – well done! The sales person (Bruce) was very cordial at our first meeting.
  2. He thoroughly explained that process from start to finish.
  3. He was very patient for our response while we waited for HOA approval (design/color).
  4. On the day before installation (11/30/2021) the shingles were delivered and placed on the roof, a small crew positioned a waste trailer in our driveway and then, on the following day a team of 4-6 gentlemen started removing the old shingles.

They were very efficient and accommodating throughout the entire process. During the day we had kitchen appliances removed/delivered and they made the necessary adjustments to allow the services guys go in and out the house with no problems. They worked all day until dark and returned the following morning to complete the job.

  • At the end of the installation they cleaned up our yard, remove in ALL debris (including loose nails by using magnet brooms to locate ones in the grass) and hauled away the waste trailer.
  • I would recommend them to anyone.
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Tim was a great help. He was able to give his honest opinion and we trusted his experience. Good roofing companies are hard to come by. Hands down one of the best. Superbishop Fabian Turner has been playing with me, he asked me for information about my company and I don’t know for what purpose he has also sent me to addresses without any sense to make me feel bad I try to communicate with him and he does not answer me I need an explanation please There are no words on how thankful I am for this company.

Not only were they very Professional, but they answered every question I could ever have. Chaz Williams went above and beyond when I started getting quotes for a new roof, to helping with the financing and such. When the workers were here they were friendly and the Foreman Dusty answered any questions and kept me up to date on what was happening.

They worked till it was dark the first night ensuring that there was no nails on the ground and the cleanup was good. When they came back the following day I could not believe how fast and efficient they were. Then once again made sure that there was not trash and nails left on the ground.

I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a roofing contractor that is fair and honest. I am the Chief Engineer for the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Clermont Fl and I started noticing cracks in the shingles when I went up to Clean the gutters and trim the trees. We called around for a commercial roofer to give us a quote and to fix a leak on another roof.

This was the only company that responded in a professional manor and was very interested in getting the job completed at a fair price. The came out, did the work, was more than willing to take care of our issues and made sure we were satisfied. Everybody from the estimator to the workers and supervisors even the office people were absolutely amazing to deal with.

  • I would highly recommend this company for your roofing needs.
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We chose to use the high quality Owens Corning system and peel-and-stick underlayment. They also replaced the skylight with a higher tempered glass system. I am very happy with the finished results.The roofing crew did an excellent job all around and worked at a high productivity level for 2 straight days 12-13 plus hours each day.

  • There were a few issues that were resolved once I contacted Taylor (in the office), then Tim the supervisor who ensured a positive resolution for me.
  • Tim also took the time to come out to the house to meet with me as well as maintaining excellent communication throughout this process.Overall, my wife and I are very satisfied with the work by ProFormanceRoofing and would recommend them highly.

Great Job! ProFormance Roofing provides quality service, knowledgeable technicians and fantastic customer service. They are good people and go far beyond their competitors scope to make sure you’re happy with their work. I highly recommend this company.

I don’t write reviews however, I felt I should share my experience since I chose this company based on the good reviews I read before. They were going to install a new roof on my property but I decided not to move forward. My interactions with Chris McKinney was good and he seemed honest. Everything was smooth in the beginning.

After Chris addressed my concerns and we agreed on the price, I paid the deposit. When I was ready for the work to get started, Chris informed me that he will let the team know so they can work on scheduling a date. More than a week later, I got a call from Tim O’Brien and he told me that my roof needed taper system and that it will not pass code inspection if they do the work as originally agreed on.

  • He sent me a quote which increased the price of my original project by $2,200.
  • I told him that I will think about it and decide later.
  • From all the conversations I had with Chris, he emphasized that my roof does not need a taper system (it has no taper system right now) and that it is not required per code.

I spoke with Tim again to clarify and he said that my roof has no positive drainage. I told him that in my previous conversations with Chris, he said my roof has positive drainage. At that point, I did not know who was right between them. I called Chris and I never got a call back.

I sent an email to Tim and informed him that I will get other roofers take a look at my roof. He responded and said he understood and recommended that I also speak with the county building official. I contacted other roofers and I am waiting for them to look at my roof. Tim called me at 7:53 AM today to follow-up and informed me that the materials have been delivered last week.

He said that the materials are on my roof. I was so upset as I did not authorize the materials to be delivered at all and I did not give any permission to start any work. He tried to make it look like the delivery of materials was arranged when Chris (who he said has left the company a month ago) was still on the project however, I pointed out to him that we spoke twice and he never mentioned anything about delivery of materials.

  • He also never mentioned anything over email.
  • At that point, I told Tim that I have lost trust in their company and I will not move forward with the project even if I end up spending more with other companies.
  • He said he will get the materials removed and they will refund my deposit.
  • I called my property manager to ask my tenant about where the materials are in my property.

The tenants told my property manager that there are no materials there. I called Performance Roofing and asked to speak with the owner as I wanted to get a confirmation from them that I will get my deposit back. I could not trust what Tim said anymore.

The lady I spoke with said that the owners were not there. Tim called me right after I spoke with someone about getting my deposit. He left a message saying there are no materials in my property and that they were able to stop them before they delivered the materials. Someone from Accounting called and said they will send me a check.

I will never do business with this company again and I will tell people I know who are looking for roofers to stay away from this company. Great job!! I did my roof replacement from CT while the house is in Fla. The company was excellent at communicating their progress and helping me through the hurdles of doing a long distance roof replacement.

Excellent experience from beginning to end. Bruce was knowledgeable and straight forward with everything. Our roof was installed in a day and the financing process was so easy and affordable. I will definitely use them again for other services. I simply couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and quality of ProFormance Roofing.

Technical Terms in Pitched Roofs | 1.Pitched Roof | Types of Roofs | Building Construction

They absolutely exceeded our expectations – quality workmanship at a better price than the competition (they came in $5k less).They were incredibly considerate with their operation hours and their cleanup was exceptional (I have found less than ten nails around the perimeter of our house since the job was completed – that’s impressive!).We worked with Chris M.

He went above and beyond with his customer service, he provided samples and thoroughly explained their financing options.I wholeheartedly recommend their services, you cannot go wrong choosing ProFormance Roofing. Thank you. Bruce at ProFormance roofing was very knowledgeable about replacing our roof.

They were able to come out immediately for a fee quote on a new roof, and once papers were signed I was on the schedule for only a couple weeks out. Roof was completed flawlessly and passed county inspection immediately. Highly reccomend proformance roofing!! Wonderful roofing contractor.

  • Explained and performed details involved in the reroofing job.
  • They replaced damaged wood.
  • All areas around my home was cleaned prior to the contractor leaving.
  • Professional sales and job well done.Cheryl Cohen I needed my roof repaired in a few places and ProFormance was referred to me by a friend who is a contractor.

From start to finish, Jerry did an excellent job of not only repairing my roof but sending me picture updates. I never had to leave work. And it was all done at a very fair price. I highly recommend Jerry and ProFormance Roofing! ProFormance Roofing just finished putting a new roof on our 20 year old home.

  1. They used the Corning Duration System.
  2. I have had new roofs put on other homes, but this one stands out.
  3. The Professionalism from Sales, to Installation, and most importantly Clean Up was outstanding.
  4. The job foreman was ever present to answer any questions.
  5. The finished product is a showcase without reservation.

Recommend ProFormance Roofing as your next roofer. From Beginning to End.It was a smooth process with them.James our Sales Professional.was Exceptional!!! His tenaciousness and follow thru, could not be matched!!! He even came back and re-evaluated the roof at our request, as we were concerned about additional plywood cost.

A big Thank You to Tim, who accompanied him that day and answered additional questions. Let me say, their Estimate was Spot On!!! The Final Bill, was Exactly what James quoted!!! The new roof and skylights are Absolutely more patchwork!!! We probably had around 10 companies out to evaluate and give us estimates.We felt most Comfortable and Confident with James and decided to go with ProFormance Roofing!!!! They arranged everything, Permits, Dumpster.ordering of our 3 Skylights.I even consulted a cousin of mine in S.

FL, who has extensive knowledge of roofing send me about 9 questions for the company, and James fired back the answers/requests with Rapid Speed!!! I would highly recommend giving them a call!!! Spending this kind of money today, with so much uncertainty around us was scary.Our roof was replaced on 2/25/21 and it only took one full day and 2 hours the next! Shout out to the Crew, who did a Fabulous Job on the Roof and Keeping our Property Clean & Nail Free!!! You will not be disappointed in Hiring them!!! I had a positive experience with ProFormance.

  1. Bruce was professional and responded quickly to my texts or emails.
  2. I appreciated his follow-up and photo gallery.It was reassuring to see Oscar,the supervisor on site until roof was completed.
  3. He was courteous and took his time to ask me if I had any questions or concerns.The clean up and timely installation was no less than amazing.

Great experience! From start to finish very professional!. Highly recommend for any roof related issues. I got a recent roof install from this company! They were very patient in answering all questions. They were very professional, on time and thorough.

Completely satisfied. I got 6 bids for this job. All companies came in around the same price. Performance roofing was only one of the companies that went out of their way to answer all my questions. No need to haggle over price and they did not keep pestering me for the job. They just continued answering my questions and providing me with samples.

The other reason for going with Performance roofing is they also could do the gutters.3 of my other bids told me I would have to hire someone else to do the gutters. They were a one stop shop. The completed job looked great and they did a good job cleaning up and making sure all the nails were removed from the yard.

  1. Hopefully I won’t need a roofer for a long time.
  2. I would use them again.
  3. They performed the job in a timely manner once permits came thrmough.
  4. They were very knowledgeable and listened to what you were concerned with and with letting you know exactly everything that was going to be done and when it would be done.

The quality of work was excellent and the workers were very polite. They done the work with precision and cleaned up the entire work area when finished. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants excellent quality and work ethics. This company is not professional at all.

  • Especially a sales guy named Tim O’Brian.
  • He is the worst sales guy, promises one thing, and do not do what he said.
  • The service was great.
  • The workers did a great job in only one day.

The roof looks great and so do the gutters. Didn’t show up for estimate. Called back and still no one. I guess they are selective. Plenty of other roofers out there. Bye ? Loved how they understood our roofing type (flat). The roof was completed in a matter of two days with a clean up to perfection (no worries of driving over nails or leftover materials).

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Unfortunately this company is dishonest and doesn’t take responsibility for their employees. I would never trust them to work on my home or anything of value. My husband and I were rear-ended at a red light by a Proformance roofing employee driving a company truck. The employee provided insurance that was expired by 3 years.

This driver has chosen to lie about the accident, saying we ran into each other. He told us he was “on the way to the mechanic” for his failing brakes. I would obviously give 0 starts if I could. Don’t hire a company that lies and jeopardizes safety. All the work was done in a timely manner.

  • The crew worked organized and with eagerness.
  • I am happy with the job except for the red dye substance on my driveway.
  • The roof is amazing, unfortunately I can’t say the same for the project manager Tim O’Brian.
  • He is not knowledgeable about his job description.
  • He’s not punctual.
  • He left me waiting on two separate occasions and never showed up.

Their was a mixed up with the check and payment since May I gave them a check ✔. I even reminded them what’s up with the payment. I called and complained about him. They apologized and said they would speak with him. A week later he calls me and asks me if I’m home I told him yes.

I told him not to stop by and hung up. He called me back three more times in a row and I declined the calls ? within 2 minutes he was knocking on my door. I asked him to leave. Next day I get a certified letter to pay. Keep in mind the had a check from my insurance since May. O called up and paid ?. If Tim comes knocking on your door.

Keep in mind the headache i went through. Simply not worth it. Kudos and hats off to you roofing crew. Thank you Compared to the other companies in the area ProFormance is clearly ahead in many aspects. First, the customer service and engagement was beyond what any other company offered.

  • Tim was very detailed and answered all questions and concerns with clear knowledge of the company & industry, but in a way that someone not in the industry could also understand.
  • This was also the case before he was even sure that I would be giving them my business.
  • He explained why everything cost what it did and what needed to be done for best results.

He came across as a very trustworthy guy, which is one of the biggest factors in choosing ProFormance. Secondly, they came out to the property and did an in person estimate for free. Another company only did google earth estimates, and another wouldn’t even do an estimate unless I paid them $100 or signed a contract with them because otherwise “they weren’t guaranteed my business.” Third, they were able to finish installation of the entire roof in one day, and also relayed important findings they came across as they completed the roof such as the need for extra materials and why, which was better than just receiving a bill at the end that’s higher than expected and being confused or feeling played.

  1. All in all, ProFormance is very reputable and will be the first place I contact in the future for any roofing needs, wants, or concerns and the only place I will recommend to friends and family in the Orlando area.
  2. Honest and upfront.
  3. VERY satisfied with work done.
  4. Professional from start to finish and I was working with a tight schedule.

Bruce made this so much easier and the office staff kept me up to date at all times. Will recommend Proformance roofing to friends and family. Love my new roof. Everyone we interacted with was very professional and provided great customer service. They worked with us on an accelerated timeline which we really appreciated.

  • I would use them again in a heartbeat.
  • I would recommend ProFormance Roofing to everyone.
  • From start to finish working with everyone there it was a pleasure.
  • Everyone was so kind and professional.
  • They really pride themselves on quality work.
  • Plus, I ended up with a beautiful new roof! Thank you ProFormance Roofing! Every team member we came in contact with or spoke to on the phone were professional and friendly and respectful, outstanding an awesome job.

Workmanship top-of-the-line hard-working well organized group, They took one 30 minute lunch break, wow. We highly recommend them, they were very respectful of our home -property,cleanup was great,I Was very concerned about my four-legged kids stepping on any discarded nails etc.

was at the top of our concerns,I can’t thank them enough for that,Bruce Joseph Tim thanks much. The new roof looks great Outstanding service. I needed to have my roof inspected/repaired and contacted ProFormance Roofing. Wes Turner was my contact and he did a fantastic job. He offered a great price and he had top notch customer service; you don’t usually see both.

I would not think twice about using Wes and ProFormance Roofing or referring him to others. Awesome roofing company, very professional and quality workmanship. From the first call and meeting with account manager Chaz, AKA “Mr. Florida”. Couldn’t help but add that poke at Chaz.

All around great experience with him and everyone else at this company and all at a fair price. And I say that as I am a licensed Fl. Contractor as well. Just in a different field of work. So as you can imagine I would not just hire any roofer off the street without doing my homework just as you are doing yours, reading this.

So again, great work and great price with a company that actually does what they say!!!???? Proformance Roofing is a great company. From the ladies in the office to Justin who gave us a great estimate to Wayne and his crew who did an outstanding job on our roof.

  • Very friendly and professional.
  • I will recommend Proformance to anyone that needs roof work done.
  • Thanks for all that y’all do.
  • Everyone was great from the estimate through reroof and gutters.
  • The representative that helped us through the project gave excellent advice and was informative about their products and services without being pushy.

They went out of their way to accommodate our two kids (2 and 3 years old) and were extra diligent during clean up to keep them safe. We will be recommending them to any of our family or friends who need a new roof. The entire team at ProFormance roofing starting with the sales team, Justin, to the GM Jim, the crew, the project manager, all showed professionalism, work ethics, morals, and integrity.

The clean up was amazing too. I would highly recommend this company for all of your roofing needs. Happy customer, Alice Strader Chaz Williams thank you for making this process a painless one, your professionalism, advise and patience were appreciated. Thank you. Everyone involved did a great job including Bobby Morehead the project manager and his crew.

Highly recommended. We just had our roof replaced by Wayne and Chaz and couldn’t be happier. looks amazing and took only one day. very respectable people and hard workers. again great job would recommend you guys any day of the week!!!! Thank you I searched for about 2 months online and then talked to 4 different roofing companies.

Proformance Roofing was by far more experienced and helpful with any questions I had.They have great prices and the roofing job is very quick! Both the Sales team and the construction teams were great to work with, they kept me in the loop of where they were at throughout the day which was a plus in my book.Special Thanks to Christopher Estro for all the help all the way through the process, he had an answer and solution for everything I needed.

Proformance Roofing replaced my roof and was an outstanding company. Roofing is hard, dirty work, yet they showed up on time and never slowed down. They finished in one day (all our neighbors recent roofs took at least two days!).Foreman David Rios and his crew were outstanding, with David on site all day to handle any questions or explanations needed.

After a hard day’s work, they cleaned the awn around the house and made it spotless. They even ran a magnetic roller over the lawn to pick up any nails or other metal they may have missed.Their original estimate was better than any of the other 5 estimates I had written, and there was only a slight increase to cover hidden damage from things like bad boards under the old shingles.

I couldn’t be happier with them, what a great company! We got estimates from ten roofing companies. Justin from Proformance Roofing was THE ONLY ONE WHO PHYSICALLY GOT ON THE ROOF TO MEASURE. All prices were within a certain range, but it was his personal touch that won us over.

  1. All the other companies measured using Google Earth or other internet satellite views.
  2. His personal attention, professionalism and knowledge are an asset to this company.
  3. On the day of installation, David and his team arrived and promptly began work.
  4. The crew was very respectful, fast and had a keen attention to detail.

The crew leader David, was very attentive to our needs, personable, knowledgeable and interacted well with his crew. He doesn’t just supervise, he’s actually on the roof with the crew. We called many many roofers for months, finally found ProFormance Roofers.

We knew we found our roofers, Justin is very professional, never had a problem getting ahold of him and if we did have to leave a voicemail he called back ASAP!! I arrived home to find the roofers cleaning up and saw that his crew did an amazing job!! Our roof looks great! Thank you so much ProFormance Roofing!! If your looking for a great roofer this is the company to go to!! Highly recommended and will definitely be passing your information on to others!! Very happy with the service this Roofing Coprovided.

Chaz, David and Bobby did a great job and went the extra mile to ensure that a quality roof that is beautiful was achieved. Our family loves the roof! They are professional all the way. The office staff was amazing and very friendly to work with. Overall very happy and will enjoy for many years.

Jeffrey and Victoria West and Sean Blackley. This was a professional job from the start. Chaz, our sales guy was great, as well as Wayne the supervisor on site. they’re amazing crew showed up on a windy day, and did the whole project in one day. When they left, it look like they were never there. Great job! Justin didn’t waste anytime with our estimate and was great with answering all our questions and planning the reroof quickly.The communication was great.We were never guessing about what was next.

On reroof day David and his crew came in and delivered a great looking roof replacement in one day. We also appreciate the great clean up they did. They came in at the most affordable of the 4 estimates and we are so impressed with the quality of roof and workmanship the company performed.

Thank you for making the stress of a replacement roof a lot easier than we thought it would be. Thanks From the project manager to everyone in the office.They are professional and deliver on their promises.Highly recommend. Proformance roofing came through on my roof replacement. The process was made clear by Justin and when the crew arrived everything mentioned happened as planned.

Thank you for making such a daunting project seem so easy! Love my new “Pacific Wave” roof!! ProFormance Roofing did a fantastic job on my roof. Chaz was our salesman and answered every question we had in a timely matter. The crew was on point and cleaned up perfectly when they were finished.

We are so happy and would recommend them to everyone. If l have a new roofing job, Performance Roofing will be my first choice. The Owner is very professional and he is treating everybody with respect. First day l met with the owner l didn’t have any doubt that my search was over. I am very pleased with my new roof and l will tell everyone to call Performance Roofing for any type of Roofing.

My job wasn’t to small for Performance Roofing to do. Try out Performance Roofing and let me know if you don’t have the same feeling l have for them now.Truly,Dr. Jean-Philippe your best Dentist in Orlando Florida. : Roof Shapes that Hold Up Best to Hurricanes

What kind of roof would you use to protect against high winds?

Metal roofing – Metal roofs might not be the most attractive choice to some homeowners, but it’s the safest, most secure option available. Living in a hurricane-prone area like Florida requires being prepared for high winds. A metal roof can weather hurricane-force winds up to 160 mph, making it the most wind-resistant solution.

What type of roof is best for heavy snow?

Choose Brava for Your Cold Weather Roof – Brava roofing tiles are the best roofing material for heavy snow. Our durable yet lightweight, composite roofing won’t collapse under the weight of snow and ice. Our Class 4, impact-resistant shingles will not crack, tear, or split during a severe winter storm with winds up to 110 mph.