What Are The Factors Affecting Selection Of Construction Materials?

What Are The Factors Affecting Selection Of Construction Materials
1. Strength – Strength is the most important parameter in selecting construction materials. It demonstrates the ability of the materials to withstand stresses such as compression, tension, and shear. For instance, there are several steel grades with various yield strengths from which contractors can choose. Compression and Tension Stresses

What are the factors that influence the selection of building materials?

Factors Influencing Selection of a Building Material. A wide range of construction materials is available. The proper selection of materials to be used in a particular construction project depends on the following factors. Strength. Availability. Durability. Workability. Ease of Transportation. Cost.

What are the factors that affect the economy of a building?

Factors Influencing Economy of a Building Material –

Availability of Material Cost of Raw Materials (Cost of Unprocessed Material) Manufacturing Costs (Cost of Processed Material) Transportation Cost Cost of Placing Maintenance Cost

Why is it so difficult to choose the right construction materials?

🕑 Reading time: 1 minute A sound and good quality building material is essential for constructing structures with satisfactory strength, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, etc. It can also affect the project and maintenance costs to a large extent.

  1. Therefore, the selection of materials should be carried out carefully to fulfill the objectives of the design and specification documents.
  2. A wide range of construction materials is available in the market, and since several factors need to be considered for the selection of materials, it can be difficult to choose the best option that serves the various requirements of the building.
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Strength, durability, local availability of materials, cost, handling, and storage are some essential factors that should be considered to select suitable construction materials for the given project.

How to choose the right building materials for your project?

3. Durability – Some building materials serve longer and are more sensitive to moisture, corrosion, and other environmental and external conditions. By determining the most suitable material depending on the climate, you can ensure that they are long-lasting.

  • It is also critical to consult experts when selecting building materials that would respond best to the climatic condition.
  • Some materials degenerate pretty quickly, especially in humid areas.
  • The selected building materials must possess the strength and durability required for a specific location and condition it will be used.

Therefore, it is encouraged to get materials that demand little maintenance and infrequent replacement so they can last throughout the lifespan of the building, consequently giving the inhabitants the maximum benefit.