When Did Kuthiran Tunnel Construction Start?

Present traffic – Kuthiran gradient is situated in the Kuthiran Hills, situated in the western part of Anaimalai Hills, The hills are a notified Wild Life Sanctuary. Kuthiran gradient was a major traffic bottleneck narrow pass and an accident spot on the crowded Thrissur – Palakkad stretch of the National Highway 544 (India),

  • On completion of works, both the tunnels reduced the distance between Kochi to Coimbatore by 3 kilometres (1.86 mi) and travel time considerably since the tunnel through the Kuthiran avoids hitherto existed vehicular congestions in traversing through the hills.
  • The works on tunnel took more than a decade to complete due to geological and administrative challenges.

In August 2018 during 2018 Kerala floods, the tunnel was opened for passage of emergency vehicles. In June 2019 the tunnel was opened for four hours following a Gridlock caused due to an accident at Kuthiran Bridge. In January 2020, the tunnel was partially opened to facilitate Power Grid Corporation of India ‘s underground cabling works between Thrissur and Palakkad,

When will the Kuthiran Tunnel be opened?

Commencing the Operation of Kuthiran First Tunnel As temporary act traffic to and fro through the first has begun from 25 November 2021, while this arrangement has been put on the agenda in order to facilitate the construction of the second tunnel which is going to open in the coming year.

Following destroying it, the determined location for constructing the second road tunnel will be the available hill road in Kuthiran, which formerly was being used by vehicles heading towards the Palakkad side. This road will be razed only after a trial run to both sides for 2 to 3 days and this commenced from 8 am on Thursday on the left tunnel towards the Thrissur side.31 July was the starting time of one-way traffic on this left tunnel.

The National Highway 544 along the Mannuthy–Vadakkancherry section among Thrissur and Palakkad districts in Kerala, is the location of these twin tunnels. While a joint detection by different departments is done in the trial run, the trial will provide the authorities to realize the difficulties that could arise from the new arrangement.

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Additionally, in around every 3kim inside and outside the tunnel obstacles are placed, and also two cranes and two ambulances are on standby near the entrance of the tunnel. According to the police’s announcement in case of running out of fuel and halt in the tunnel, vehicles will be heavily fined.For more details, please watch the video below.

: Commencing the Operation of Kuthiran First Tunnel

What is happening at Kuthiran in Thrissur-Palakkad?

Second tunnel at Kuthiran opened for traffic When Did Kuthiran Tunnel Construction Start THRISSUR: The second tunnel at Kuthiran on the Thrissur-Palakkad national highway was opened for traffic. Vehicles from Thrissur to Palakkad started passing through this road. With that, two-way traffic of the first tunnel will be avoided and would be made one-way.

  1. A small part of the second tunnel is being opened.
  2. Work on the main approach road is yet to be completed.
  3. The government had decided to open the second tunnel to traffic by the end of April.
  4. However, the national highways authority directed that the tunnel be opened in a passable condition.
  5. The state government said they will not allow toll collection to start soon even if the tunnels are opened.

‘During the construction of the second tunnel, a series of meetings were held with the participation of ministers to assess the situation. However, the national highway authority did not inform the ministers about the opening of the tunnel.’ The news of toll collection is unfortunate, blamed Minister Riyas.

He said the rest of the work on the Kuthiran tunnel will be completed and it would be fully operational by the end of April. The highway authority said part of the tunnel is being opened as work has to be completed. Minister K Rajan said that the tunnel would be fully opened only after the road is ready for traffic.

The construction work of the second tunnel which is 944 meters long was completed very quickly. The first tunnel was opened on July 31 in 2021. Unlike the first tunnel, the entire interior of the second tunnel is gantry concreted. The Kuthiran has semi-circular tunnels.

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What is the name of the twin tube tunnel in Kerala?

Kuthiran Tunnel കുതിരാന്‍ തുരങ്കം ( Malayalam )

Entrance of Kuthiran tunnel
Location Kuthiran, Thrissur, Kerala, India
Coordinates 10°34′17″N 76°22′52″E  /  10.5715°N 76.381°E Coordinates : 10°34′17″N 76°22′52″E  /  10.5715°N 76.381°E
Status Operational
Route NH 544
Start 10°34′17″N 76°22′41″E  /  10.5715°N 76.378°E
End 10°34′19″N 76°23′10″E  /  10.572°N 76.386°E
Work begun 2016
Opened 31 July 2021 (16 months ago) (initial segment)
Owner National Highways Authority of India
Operator National Highways Authority of India
Traffic Automotive
Character Passenger and Freight
Length Left tube 955 m (3,133 ft) Right tube 944 m (3,097 ft)
No. of lanes 3 lanes per tube (6 lanes total in twin-tube with dual carriageway )
Operating speed Lane 1 – 40–80 km/h (25–50 mph) Lane 2 – 40–80 km/h (25–50 mph) Lane 3 – 40–80 km/h (25–50 mph)
Tunnel clearance 10 metres (33 ft)
Width 14 metres (46 ft)

Kuthiran Tunnel ( Malayalam : കുതിരാന്‍ തുരങ്കം) is a twin-tube highway tunnel in the South Indian state of Kerala, The tunnel is located on the National Highway 544 and it is owned and operated by the National Highways Authority of India, This is Kerala’s first-ever tunnel for road transport and South India’s longest six-lane road tunnel.

Will the Kuthiran Tunnel improve connectivity between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka?

Kerala’s Kuthiran Tunnel opened for traffic, will ease travel to TN & Karnataka: Gadkari Following the central government’s direction, the Kerala government has finally opened one of the twin tunnels in Kuthiran on Saturday, July 31. The tunnel stretching from Palakkad to Thrissur district was open at 7:30 PM on Saturday by Thrissur District Collector Haritha V Kumar.