Which Is The Best Cement Stocks To Buy In India?

Which Is The Best Cement Stocks To Buy In India
List of Best Cement Stocks to buy now in India

Sr.No Company Name BSE Scrip Code
1 Ultra Tech 532538
2 Shree Cements 500387
3 Ambuja 500425
4 ACC 500410

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What are the best cement stocks to buy?

Best Cement Stocks to Buy – Cement is another such raw material that is necessary for the construction of structures like buildings, bridges, and other types of infrastructure. This has consistently kept demand for cement manufacturing enterprises high, and they generate a sizable amount of revenue each year.

  • Investors are drawn to these businesses by the enormous profits they produce, so they search for the finest cement stocks to purchase.
  • Today’s essay will concentrate on the top ten cement stocks that can guarantee positive shareholder returns.
  • They are UltraTech Cement, Shree Cement, Ambuja Cement, ACC, The Ramco Cement, Dalmia Bharat Limited, JK Cement, Birla Corporation Limited, Heidelberg Cements, and Century Text.

The information provided below will be helpful to readers in making informed decisions about Best Cement Stocks to Buy, They should pay close attention to these specifics and choose the course that seems to be the most profitable.

Which is the best Cement Company in India?

Cement Growth Stocks With Highest EPS Fundamentals –

Company Stock Price Market Cap EPS (TTM) in Rs
Shree Cement 28,165.90 1.02LCr 633.54
HIL 4,572.05 3,425.63 346.68
Ultratech Cement 6,587.40 1,90,148 186.78
ACC 2,020 37,942.42 88.92
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Cement Growth Stocks With Highest EPS Fundamentals

How to get exposure to best cement stocks in India?

Model Portfolio: – In order to get an exposure to best Indian cement stocks, you would need a total of Rs.55.541.1 for the below curated portfolio as of September, 2022.

Company Name Weightage CMP – Sept 2022 Quantity Total
Shree Cements 52% 23,317.70 1 23,317.7
UltraTech Cement 29% 6,481.40 2 12,962.8
ACC 18% 2,611.50 4 10,446
Ambuja 11% 516.7 15 7,750.5
Total 54,477.00

Why invest in cement industry in India?

For Quick Alerts Subscribe Now For Quick Alerts ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS | Updated: Friday, June 18, 2021, 9:21 India is the world’s second-largest cement producer. It is responsible for more than 7% of the world’s installed capacity. The cement industry is projected to benefit tremendously from India’s infrastructure and building sectors, which have plenty of room for expansion.

  1. Some recent initiatives, such as the creation of 98 smart cities, are projected to provide the sector a significant boost.
  2. Cement production hit 329 million tonnes (MT) in FY20, with 381 MT expected by FY22.
  3. However, consumption was 327 MT in FY20 and is expected to rise to 379 MT by FY22.
  4. By 2020, cement manufacturing capacity is expected to reach 550 MT.

Because India has abundant and high-quality limestone reserves throughout the country, the cement sector has enormous expansion potential.