Who Pushed Cassie Off The Roof?

Who Pushed Cassie Off The Roof
Who pushed Cassie Shore on Tiny Pretty Things ? – Again, a huge spoiler here, because the attempted murder isn’t solved until the very last episode. Cassie claims Bette was the one who pushed her — and Bette doesn’t deny it. She was too drunk to remember what happened on that night, unable to remember if she pushed Cassie.

Why did Cassie break up with Nabil?

Season 1 – Who Pushed Cassie Off The Roof Cassie’s spot at The Archer School of Ballet is given to newcomer Neveah Stroyer, who is oblivious to the incident involving Cassie. Her incident sparks bad press that Monique Dubois hopes to cover up with the introduction of a new student. But her attempts to cover up the incident is futile within the school, as tensions continue to rise specifically between her former dance partner Oren Lennox, Cassie’s boyfriend Nabil Limyadi, and his roommate Caleb Wick,

The students each have a suspect for who pushed her, but none more than a police officer Isabel Cruz, who is certain that Cassie’s accident involved foul play despite ASB claiming otherwise. June Park contacts Officer Cruz to warn her that something bad did happen, explaining that there was a party the night Cassie was hurt and everyone in the tier three class was in attendance except June.

Meanwhile, Cassie’s comatose condition begins to worsen as she contracts sepsis and has a seizure. As the truth regarding the night Cassie was pushed begins to unravel, the more suspicious everyone becomes. Caleb steals what he believes to be an Advil from June’s room, has a paradoxical reaction that causes him to lose control and ultimately, have a seizure.

  • A toxicology report reveals that he was drugged with Rohypnol – the same drug that was found in Cassie’s toxicology report.
  • Armed with belief that June is responsible for Cassie’s fall, Esme and Bette raid June’s room and discover the pills hidden in an Advil bottle.
  • A distraught June confesses to a stranger that she drugged Cassie that night, but only because she wanted Cassie to perform poorly at the audition the next day.

In the meantime, Bette uses social media to establish a timeline of the night Cassie was pushed. She realizes that June could have drugged Cassie before everyone went to the roof, but Caleb counters that even if June did drug Cassie, the effects of Rohypnol wouldn’t have kicked in by the time she fell.

When Cassie’s condition worsens, Nabil refuses to accept that she is deteriorating as the doctors claim. His suspicions are heightened when she squeezes his hand, though the doctors and Cassie’s parents claim that the movement was an involuntary spasm from the seizures. Her parents, Penny and Frank, ultimately decide to withdraw life support.

The students from ASB rally together to support Nabil and Cassie as she dies. When the doctor disconnects the life support she flatlines. But moments later her heart begins beating and she breathes on her own. A few days later, Nabil is reading to Cassie when she opens her eyes.

  • Cassie drifted in a minimally conscious state for days, before finally waking up.
  • She told Officer Cruz that Bette Whitlaw was the one who pushed her off the roof, even though she knows it was someone else,
  • Ramon Costa then visited Cassie at the hospital and threatened to hurt her and her career if she said anything about their relationship.

She was frightened by him and, to appease Ramon’s anger, brutally ended things with Nabil. When Neveah Stroyer visited, Cassie revealed that she heard everything that people told her while they thought she was asleep. Their secrets, their lies, and she planned to use them to fulfill her agenda.

  1. Neveah attempted to leverage Cassie into telling the truth about who pushed her, and Cassie seemingly agreed.
  2. The night of her press conference alongside Monique Dubois and Archer ‘s board members, she stuck to her story that Bette was her attacker.
  3. She returned to The Archer School of Ballet on the final night of Ripper to warn Bette that she would be returning to the school.

Bette held her ground, but Cassie eerily told Bette she didn’t stand a chance as she had already won.

Who pushed Cassie Shaw?

Who pushed Cassie off the roof in Tiny Pretty Things ? – Viewers do not find who the attempted murderer is until the final episode, Episode 10. Prior to that, however, there are plenty of red herrings like Travis (Luke Humphrey), who becomes a suspect after he confronts June (Daniela Norman) and threatens her by saying, “Get ready to end up like Cassie Shore, because trust me, I know how to make a girl quiet.” According to Cassie herself, it is Bette (Casimere Jollette) who pushed her.

Previously, Bette herself thinks she may have done it, but was drunk and cannot remember much of the event. By the finale, we see her questioned at the police station and her fingerprints getting taken, and it seems like the mystery has been solved. However, it has not been. Bette has been framed by Cassie, who announced in a press conference that it is she who pushed her.

Quite why she is framing an innocent woman is unclear, but viewers soon discover who actually did the crime. In reality, it was actually Bette’s sister Delia (Tory Trowbridge) who pushed Cassie. Delia confesses this as her sister contemplates suicide, and said her reason was that she was jealous of what Cassie had with Ramon (Bayardo De Murguia).

  1. Of course, no sooner has this happened then Ramon himself is seen bleeding out on the floor, setting up a new mystery for Tiny Pretty Things Season 2—though one with many of the same suspects as in the Cassie case.
  2. Netflix has not yet confirmed Tiny Pretty Things for Season 2 yet, however, and as many of the streamer’s shows have, another season is not a done deal yet.

Fans will have to keep checking to find out the fate of the show. Tiny Pretty Things is streaming now on Netflix. : ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ Reveals Whether Cassie Dies and Who Pushed Her

Did Bette push Cassie?

So who did push Cassie in Tiny Pretty Things? – Cassie was the best ballerina at the school and so getting rid of her would have helped any number of students. However the main suspect was Bette, played by Casimere Jollette. Bette is constantly under her older sister’s shadow and faces pressure from her mother to be the best dancer possible.

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Who is the killer of Cassie in tiny pretty things?

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Tiny Pretty Things. Roman Costa’s Jack the Ripper ballet finally opened during Tiny Pretty Things ‘ season 1 finale, and with opening night came a whole new set of drama. Here’s a breakdown of everything that went down in the Netflix show’s explosive finale and what it might mean for Tiny Pretty Things season 2.

  1. Opening night starts with a hitch as authorities haul Bette Whitlaw away, accusing her of the attempted murder of Cassie Shore.
  2. Bette accepts the blame for Cassie’s fall, despite being too intoxicated to remember where she was that night.
  3. Neveah and Oren are caught in bed together, leading to their expulsion from the school.

In the midst of the drama, June solves the mystery that had been on everyone’s minds — Bette’s older sister, star ballerina Delia, was responsible for Cassie’s fall. But just when one mystery is solved, another presents itself to the students at the fictional Chicago-based Archer School of Ballet.

Who was Cassie cheating on Nabil with?

Who Pushed Cassie Off The Roof We’re hooked on Tiny Pretty Things, one of Netflix’s latest dramas that mixes nail-biting mystery, intense competition, and an unexplained tragedy at the center of it all. Set in the fictitious Archer School of Ballet in Chicago, the story follows Neveah Stroyer, a ballerina who gets the chance to attend the school and quickly finds out just how dark and twisted things there really are.

In the show’s very first scene, we see star student Cassie Shore pushed off a roof by an unidentified figure in a hoodie. Cassie’s tragic fall leaves her in a coma with severe injuries, but who did it? Rivalry at the school is at an all-time high, setting characters like Cassie’s roommate June and sisters Bette and Delia all against each other as they compete for the top spot — anyone could be a suspect.

Add to that an affair Cassie had with Ramon the school’s choreographer, as her boyfriend Nabil stood by, and the suspect list only grows. Luckily, by the end of season one, it becomes clear who wanted Cassie out of the picture, for good. First, we find out roommate June was jealous of Cassie’s star status and drugged her the night of the fall.

Cassie’s boyfriend Nabil could have pushed her in a fit of rage after finding out he was being cheated on. Choreographer Ramon obviously doesn’t want her speaking out about his affair with her — is he behind the fall? Nope, none of these suspects pushed Cassie. As incredible dancers, sisters Bette and Delia are vying for Cassie’s position as star ballerina.

When Cassie’s parents decide to unplug her from life support, she miraculously wakes up from her coma. She tells them Bette is the one who pushed her off the roof, and when Bette found out, she accepts it because she was too drunk to remember anything.

  1. But there’s another plot twist ahead: the real person who pushed Cassie is Bette’s sister Delia, who frames Bette to get away with it.
  2. Fingerprints show the truth, and June soon realizes she saw Delia in the hallway the night of the fall, implicating her further.
  3. But what was Delia’s motive? It turns out that Delia is in love with Ramon, so on the night of the attempted murder, Delia confronts Cassie.

Not just threatened by the affair, but by Cassie’s supreme talent too, Delia pushes her off the roof due to jealousy. Once Delia pushes Cassie off the roof, she creeps back to the lounge where Bette is asleep, and leaves the infamous hoodie in a planter.

They both leave through the window, and Delia brainwashes Bette to become the perfect alibi. We also learn their mom hadn’t wanted Delia to come forward, and once Cassie wakes up and accuses Bette, the mom wants Bette to take the blame as a minor so Delia isn’t tried as an adult. With the death of Ramon, and a new sibling rivalry brewing that will make one a star ballerina and the other a convict, the mystery at the Archer School of Ballet just got even more interesting.

In case you want another view of the push, here’s the trailer:

What is Cassie’s secret?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Euphoria Season 2, Episode 5, “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird,” now streaming on HBO Max. Season 2, Episode 5 of Euphoria is a rollercoaster of emotions as Rue experiences withdrawal, but in the midst of all the chaos, Cassie’s darkest secret gets spilled in the most unlikely way.

Maddy finds out that Cassie has been having sex with Nate behind her back, which turns Maddy into Cassie’s worst enemy. In the Season 2 premiere, a depressed Cassie is pursued by a charming Nate to have sex with him in the bathroom of the New Year’s Eve party. The aftermath made for some good Hitchcock-inspired suspense, as Cassie hides herself in the bathtub to avoid Maddy finding out about their hook-up.

Since then, fans estimation of Cassie has gone down, as she still continues to see Nate, despite knowing she’s a bad friend for it. Who Pushed Cassie Off The Roof Cassie and Nate went to extreme lengths to keep their relationship a secret, meeting on very specific nights that would go unnoticed. But they made one error in their calculations, which was Cassie going into Nate’s very recognizable truck at the same time Rue was riding her bike down the street.

Given that Rue never spoke a word about the event, she seemed to not have cared. After all, she has her own problems of her own. But Rue let it slip out of pettiness when Cassie was trying to help her. After a sloppy escape from her mother and sister through ongoing traffic, Rue expects to find a safe place at Lexi and Cassie’s house, which Maddy and Kat are also at.

Either Lexi or her mom call Rue’s mother to take her to rehab, which results in an intervention. Rue expresses hopelessness in becoming sober, and Cassie innocently responds with encouragement. A spiteful Rue then asks how long Cassie has been having sex with Nate, which Maddy immediately slams Cassie for.

Just a few episodes earlier, Rue narrated that Cassie was terrified to tell Maddy the truth since Maddy is not exactly the most forgiving of people. She uses harsh language and violence to convey her anger, which makes her both a confident-oozing and terrifying person. Maddy’s reaction to Cassie is about what she expected.

While Cassie is trying to convince Maddy through tears that Rue is lying, Maddy berates her about being a horrible friend and a liar, and threatens to beat her up for it. Who Pushed Cassie Off The Roof It’s a heartbreaking moment that is meant to make the viewers feel both bad for Cassie (because they’re hating Rue for being petty) and feel she got what she deserved. Maddy has been nothing but a supportive friend to Cassie, and she very quickly turned the tables on her.

But where does their relationship go from here? It might never be the same. If they were once soulmates, they may be enemies now, and all because of an abusive man who doesn’t deserve either of them, There is a hint though, of who Maddy will be seeking revenge on. The promo for Episode 6 shows Maddy contemplating the infamous DVD that Nate has been hiding, whose contents have never been shown but is likely the sex tape between Jules and Cal.

Maddy may never see Cassie as a friend again, but she might be reasonable enough to understand who the true culprit is – Nate Jacobs. Exposing the DVD works as blackmail against Nate, breaking up his family even more and ruining his superb reputation among his peers.

And it there’s some rare hope to be found in Euphoria, maybe Maddy can forgive Cassie and understand how she turns to even the worst of men for validation to hide her insecurity. To see how Maddy reacts to Cassie’s betrayal, stream Season 2, Episode 5 of Euphoria on HBO Max. New episodes of Euphoria release on Sundays at 9 p.m.

ET on HBO. KEEP READING: Euphoria Just Took Full-Frontal Nudity To A New, Horrific Level

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Who is June’s father in Tiny Pretty Things?

Trivia –

She and Bette have been best friends since they were thirteen years old. In the books June’s name is E-Jun Kim and her ex-best friend is Sei-Jin Kwan. In the books June is anorexic and bulimic. In the show June’s father is Ramon Costa, but in the books her father is Dom Lucas. June was born in London, England and she later moved to New York City. In the books June was born and raised in New York. In the show June doesn’t care about finding out who her father is. In the books June is determined to find him.

What happens to Bette in Tiny Pretty Things?

Season 1 – Bette’s confident and sassy attitude is evident in the eyes of the newcomer Neveah Stroyer, especially when Bette refuses to allow Neveah to use her place at the bar. This attitude continues later in the pointe room when Bette blatantly scopes out the competition by examining Neveah’s arches and questioning her dancing experience.

  1. She belittles Neveah for using Delia Whitlaw ‘s rejected pointe shoes before stomping out of the room.
  2. She continues to mock Neveah by playing a video of her doing hip hop dance in front of the other girls.
  3. She openly tells Neveah that she doesn’t have what it takes to make it at The Archer School of Ballet, as this isn’t just some hobby for the rest of the students.

Fed up with Bette’s holier-than-thou ways, Neveah warns Bette that she does belong there and is coming for her. In the meantime, Bette’s annoyance with her family escalates when her older sister, the star principal dancer Delia Whitlaw, seems to decide on staying in town.

The pressure Bette experiences from her mother to stay thin, be paired with her current boyfriend Oren Lennox for the showcase, and maintain a strong Whitlaw image proves difficult for Bette to manage. World-renowned choreographer Ramon Costa, who also happens to be Delia’s boyfriend, is hired by ASB to choreograph this year’s opening showcase, which he decides will be Ripper much to the disdain of many students and faculty.

Bette’s disdain is heightened when Ramon decides to pair her with Shane McRae instead of Oren. While showing their skills to Ramon, Shane drops Bette during a lift causing her to injure her toe. She fakes that everything is fine despite the clear injury.

  1. Later that week, she convinces Oren to help her and Shane learn the choreography, claiming that Shane doesn’t know how to handle her.
  2. Her decision to dance on her injured foot, which shows no obvious fractures in the x-rays done by Alan Renfrew, comes with a steep price.
  3. She begs her mother for pain medication and begins to drink to cover the pain.

Her inability to dance the way she usually does leads Ramon to cut her from the fas list of dancer for the lead parts in Ripper, He instead gives the roles to June Park and Nabil Limyadi, Bette is shocked that June, who she believes to be a mediocre dancer despite them being friends, was picked over her.

Desperate to regain her role and please her mother, Bette pays off Matteo Marchetti, a construction man who installed new security doors at ASB, for help. She has him jam the doors to the roof on June and Nabil so they’ll miss the chance to dance Ripper in front of the board. Bette and Shane then swoop in and dance the parts for the board and win over Ramon.

They are given the leads in the showcase. Ramon takes Bette under his wing to show her select moves for the choreography. The pain of dancing on her foot causes Oren to warn her that if she doesn’t tell exit the role then he will tell Madame about her injury.

  • If she doesn’t take care of her foot then her career could be over.
  • Bette decides to take Oren’s advice and exits the lead role, much to Ramon’s sour disappointment.
  • He verbally negates her in front of the class, but that compares little to the harshness her mother delivers.
  • With the pressure mounting, Bette’s intoxication causes a scene at a fundraising gala that is celebrating Delia ‘s successful performance.

The scene shines a foul light on Bette, causing Oren to help her leave the party with some dignity. She also lends a hand in helping her childhood friend and fellow ASB student June Park become emancipated, by convincing her father’s law firm to represent June.

  1. Bette still experiences pain in her foot and refuses to tell Alan the extent of her injury, and asks her mother for more pain medicine.
  2. Because of her outburst at the fundraiser, Katrina cuts Bette off from the pain medication and tells her to take Tylenol.
  3. When Ramon’s showcase with Delia is showered with poor reviews, the students at the Archer feel the brunt of his anger.
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The girls voice their concerns amongst themselves over the blatant sexism in Ripper and the costumes they are being subjected to. While Bette is fine complaining in private and going along with what Ramon wants in public, Neveah isn’t so easy-going and speaks out against him.

  • Their argument leads to Ramon throwing a stress ball into a mirror.
  • Bette blames Neveah for stirring up trouble with Ramon instead of being grateful that they are being taught by him.
  • She reaches out to Matteo Marchetti once more, this time attending his singing performance at a little cafe.
  • She flirts with him and attempts to buy drugs off him, though he instead gives her breath mints as he isn’t a dealer and is hurt by her assumption.

She begins to experience withdrawal just as she finds a photograph of Ramon holding a student, though the student isn’t visible in the photograph. She believes that if she can get rid of Ramon she’ll be able to dance the lead again. She confronts Neveah with the photo and is surprised when Neveah has the other half, which reveals that Ramon and Cassie Shore had an affair over the Summer.

They take their findings to Delia but she has little care for the revelation. Armed with the evidence and disgusted by Ramon dating an underage girl, Bette agrees to help June and Neveah turn the rest of the ASB dancers against Ramon. While driving back to ASB with June and Neveah, Bette’s intoxication causes an accident, and Officer Cruz is called to the scene.

She forces Bette to go to the hospital for her injuries, and Bette learns that she has a fractured metatarsal. Neveah also tells her that Shane has been acting strangely since he ended an affair with his boyfriend, and Bette begins to question Oren’s sudden distance from Shane.

  1. While watching a night game of basketball between the boys of ASB, Bette sees the hostility between Oren and Shane.
  2. She begins to realize that Oren was Shane’s affair.
  3. The next day in class, the girls of ASB take their metaphorical stand against Ramon by refusing to dance for him or acknowledge his leadership.

They are pleased when Ramon leaves the studio angrily. That night, Bette apologizes to Matteo for the way she acted and explains her injury. He can relate as he had the same injury a few years ago and gives her pain medicine that is leftover from his brother’s surgery.

The next morning, Ramon announces a new play without any main characters. Instead, they will all be Jack. For costumes, they will wear a gray hoodie with a red zipper; the same design that Cassie’s assailant wore. The students reel from the costume changes and agree that Ramon’s vision is dangerous. One night, Caleb Wick begins to act erratic and scales the walls of the ASB while dancing manically before having a seizure.

June tries to call an ambulance, but Bette stops her as they can’t risk any additional attention. She decides to take him to Torri, who unsurprisingly, takes him to the hospital. They learn that Caleb is under the effects of Rohypnol – roofies. He tells Oren and Nabil that he took what he thought was Advil from June’s stash.

  1. Bette and Esmé Halterlein break into June’s room.
  2. They clasp their hands over June’s mouth and harass her as Bette tears through June’s drawers.
  3. She finds the bottle of Advil and dumps the contents into her hand and finds the roofies.
  4. June tries to act as if the drugs aren’t hers but Bette knows differently and warns her to watch her back as the girls storm out.

They tell Madame Dubois about their discovery, now believing that June drugging Cassie is what caused her to fall that night. In the meantime, Delia extends an olive branch to Bette by inviting her over for dinner at her and Ramon’s apartment. Bette plans to bring Oren but uses the event to get under Ramon’s skin.

She wants revenge for him calling her a child so she turns the dinner party into a rager with every ASB student and Neaveah’s brother. Bette’s plan to aggravate Ramon succeeds. When one of the partygoers is too drunk to go home, Delia escorts her home. With Delia gone, Bette tries to seduce Ramon in the hopes he’ll see that she isn’t a child and is the only dancer for the solo in Ripper – which she wants back.

She tries to spark a threesome between her, Oren, and Ramon, but Oren is upset by the rouse and leaves. Bette tries to continue the seduction alone. She and Ramon make out before he tells her to leave. When Bette returns to ASB she confronts Oren about his relationship with Shane and they have a heated argument which ends in Bette leaving.

With her personal life in shambles, Bette’s drive to land a starring role in Sienna Milken ‘s music video is heightened. She ultimately books the role alongside Neveah Stroyer and Nabil Limyadi, The social media attention that the music video receives pushes Officer Cruz to continue her investigation into what really happened the night Cassie was pushed.

She interviews Shane McRae, who claims that he was with Oren the night of the incident having sex and they lied to hide his insecurities. When Officer Cruz turns to Oren for confirmation, he claims that he was with Bette that night and not Shane. Bette is upset that everyone is turning their backs on the story they agreed to tell, and Oren presses her for answers on where she was that night as she wasn’t with him.

Does Cassie ever wake up in Tiny Pretty Things?

Who pushed Cassie in Tiny Pretty Things ? – Tiny Pretty Things was released on Netflix on December 14 and the show has received many accolades since then. While everyone at the Archer School of Ballet is trying to figure out who had pushed Cassie off the roof, the series also shows how the incident takes a toll on her family.

  • Cassie’s tragic fall puts her in a coma but, fortunately, she doesn’t die.
  • Fans see that towards the end of the series, Cassie’s parents devoid of hope for their daughter’s life, decide to take her off life support.
  • However, when they pull the plug, somehow, Cassie miraculously opens her eyes and wakes from her coma.

She soon recovers and is able to share some of the details of who pushed her off the roof.